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A “Summer Blend” from Zephyr Used & Rare Books


A Summer Blend.

Zephyr Used & Rare Books has issued a Summer Blend, a catalogue of diverse, often quirky and unexpected items. There are promotions for new homes, camping, fishing, golf, heavy equipment, airplanes and cars. Lots of cars. Old cars. Some from when you were young. Others from when your grandparents were young. And maps and travel accounts. There are even a few books, stories for adults and children, children's books you may know, adults' books you never heard of. It isn't great literature but it was entertaining. Here are a few of these items to give you a sense of the type of material Zephyr has to offer.


We begin with an account of a moving project from Hell. It involved transporting a 69-foot long, 220 ton object, all the way from Egypt to New York's Central Park. This was in 1881, before there were gas-powered vehicles to help with the process. The Khedive of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, was convinced to give a giant obelisk known as Cleopatra's Needle to America. The U. S. had been helpful to Egypt at a time when it was regularly battered by English and French rivalries, so this was a way to show his appreciation. This would be considered nothing short of rape of a nation's heritage today, but this was 1880. The obelisk had originally been built for Thutmose III in Heliopolis in 1475 B.C., but was moved to Alexandria in Cleopatra's time. The job of moving this monster was given to Henry Honeychurch Gorringe, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. He was the only one to offer a reasonable plan. The major part of the journey was via the sea, in a large steamship with a big hole cut in it to accommodate the obelisk. Fortunately, it did not sink. The shorter journeys, to the port in Alexandria and from the port of New York, were equally arduous. Item 7 is Gorringe's Egyptian Obelisks, an account of the transportation containing 51 plates of illustrations. Priced at $450.


Charles Lindbergh became an instant American hero in 1927 when he flew his plane across the Atlantic. That may not sound like something special today. Many of you have made that flight or longer ones, but in 1927, he was the first to do so. People all over the country were proud of him, but none more than those in his hometown, Little Falls, Minnesota. It is a small town, about 8,000 people today, 5,000 when Lindbergh lived there. In 1928, the seniors and juniors of Little Falls High School decided to print this tribute to their hometown hero, who was just 25 years old when he achieved his flight, so he was not all that far removed from those students. The 24-page tribute contains photos of Lindbergh, his plane, the “Spirit of St. Louis,” his home, celebrations of the event in Little Falls, and more. Lindbergh has a mixed legacy today. His sympathy for the Nazi German government prior to the war forever tarnished his reputation. He should have stayed out of politics. But in 1927, he was America's most beloved hero. Item 41. $175.


Auto trips today are relatively easy, with interstate highways to take you places quickly, food, fuel, and motels readily available along the way. It was not so easy in 1903. That is when a British couple from Heaton Mersey decided on the spur of the moment one evening to pack up their 1903 Vauxhall and go for a trip across northern Britain. Item 16 is their account of the adventure. They traveled 470 miles which was quite an undertaking. Why they decided to leave late in the evening is a mystery, but in each town they tried to stop, the inns were closed. They slept in the car. They dealt with the car stalling and at times it would not start. They had to climb a hill “steep as a house roof & looking more like a quarry than a road.” The battery wore down. They had to stop and have someone overhaul the engine. Apparently, there was a lot of hostility toward automobiles in those days as the writer notes that if people would drive “at a reasonable speed...there would not be the outcry against them there is at present.” Still, they found most people along the way to be helpful. The approximately 5,000 word account includes two photos and 24 photo postcards. $1,500.


Next is a cartoon archive by Al Hurdle, circa 1960-1978. Hurdle was a talented caricature artist, and he has drawn images of many celebrities of the era, along with complete cartoons such as you see in magazines and newspapers. Athletes, movie stars, politicians, even fellow cartoon characters. There are 55 original drawings on artist's boards, 38 in color. A favorite shows Hurdle at his drawing board, creating a caricature of Jimmy Carter, surrounded by the faces of all sorts of celebrities, such as LBJ, Theodore Roosevelt, Art Carney, Arthur Godfrey, Bob Hope, Fidel Castro, Mark Spitz, Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, the Katzenjammer Kids, Jiggs, Buster Brown & Tige, and more. However, there is a mystery to this. Who is Al Hurdle? Zephyr has not been able to find anything about him. Was that his real name or a pen name? They have not been able to find evidence that any of these cartoons was ever published. That is hard to imagine considering the skill level of his caricatures and the number he produced, but that just deepens the mystery. Item 67. $1,750.


Item 28 is the March 1938 issue of The Super Service Station, self-described as “the merchandising magazine for one stop stations.” “Be Wise – Modernize!” they advise. They recommend modern designs, stylish waiting rooms, increased lighting, and most of all, modern restrooms, hopefully clean ones. For younger people who wonder what a service station is, there was a day when places that sell gas pumped it for you and performed other services such as washing windows, filling tires, and changing the oil. They also regularly had repair shops. They even gave you free maps. Hard to imagine. What they didn't offer was a place to buy beer and Twinkies, so some things have improved. Item 28. $175.


Zephyr Used & Rare Books may be reached at 360-695-7767 or zephyrbook@gmail.com.

Rare Book Monthly

  • <b><center>Koller Auctions<br>Books & Autographs<br>29 March 2023</b>
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> DADA - <i>Cabaret Voltaire.</i> A collection of artistic and literary contributions. Edited by Hugo Ball. CHF 5,000 to 8,000.
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> EXPRESSIONISM - <i>Der Sturm.</i> Weekly magazine for culture and the arts. Almost complete suite from the years 1910 to 1932. CHF 20,000 to 30,000.
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> LISBON EARTHQUAKE - <i>Augsburg collection of copper engravings of Lisbon. CHF 40,000 to 60,000.
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> Hamilton, William. <i>Campi Phlegraei. Observations on the Volcanos of the Two Sicilies as they have been communicated to the Royal Society of London.</i> Naples, 1776-1779. CHF 50,000 to 70,000.
    <b><center>Koller Auctions<br>Books & Autographs<br>29 March 2023</b>
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> Leonardi, Domenico Felice. <i>Le Delizie della villa di Castellazzo descritte in verso dall'abbate Domenico Felice Leonardi lucchese fra gli Arcadi Ildosio Foloetico.</i> Milan, 1743. CHF 12,000 to 18,000.
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> Zwingli, Huldrych. <i>Von erkiesen und freyhait der speisen. Von ergernusz und Verbößerung. Ob man gewalt hab die speyß zu etlichen zeyten verbieten [...]</i>. CHF 2,500 to 4,000.
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> HENDRIK VAN VULLENHOE, UMKREIS. Benedictional and other texts for Johannes von Venningen, Bishop of Basel. Latin manuscript on parchment. CHF 50,000 to 80,000.
    <b>Koller, Mar. 29:</b> Gujer, Hans Rudolf. Master typist's book by Hans Rudolf Gujer from Wermetschweil (Wermatswil). German manuscript on paper. CHF 3,000 to 5,000.
  • <b><center>Stargardt Autographenhandlung<br>Autographs: Literature, Music, Art, Science, History, Theatre & Film<br>March 28, 2023</b>
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Autograph album leaf signed, 1826. €9,000 to €12,000.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Franz Kafka: Autograph letter unsigned, 1924. €15,000 to €20,000.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Torquato Tasso: Autograph poem signed, no date. €12,000 to €16,000.
    <b><center>Stargardt Autographenhandlung<br>Autographs: Literature, Music, Art, Science, History, Theatre & Film<br>March 28, 2023</b>
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Charles Darwin: Autograph letter signed, 1866. €4,500 to €6,000.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Albert Einstein: Autograph letter signed, 1933. €6,000 to €8,000.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Heinrich Hertz: Autograph manuscript signed, 1889. €18,000 to €24,000.
    <b><center>Stargardt Autographenhandlung<br>Autographs: Literature, Music, Art, Science, History, Theatre & Film<br>March 28, 2023</b>
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Giambattista Bodoni: Autograph letter signed, 1787. €900 to €1,200.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Francisco de Goya: Autograph letter signed, 1789. €18,750 to €25,000.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Martin Luther: Notes from his desk, no date. €30,000 to €40,000.
    <b><center>Stargardt Autographenhandlung<br>Autographs: Literature, Music, Art, Science, History, Theatre & Film<br>March 28, 2023</b>
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Ludwig van Beethoven: Autograph letter signed, 1816. €22,500 to €30,000.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Gustav Mahler: Foto portrait signed and annotated, 1907(?). €7,500 to €10,000.
    <b>Stargardt Autographenhandlung, Mar. 28:</b> Bed?ich Smetana: Autograph letter signed, 1883. €4,500 to €6,000.
  • <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts and Works on Paper<br>30th March 2023</b>
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Roman binding.- Pindar. <i>Olympia, Pythia, Nemea, Isthmia,</i> translated by Johannes Lonicer, contemporary Roman binding by Niccolo Franzese, Basel, 1535. £40,000 to £60,000.
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Raverat (Gwen). Comprehensive album of 530 wood engravings, circa 1909-1950. £40,000 to £60,000.
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Hemingway (Ernest). <i>Fiesta,</i> first English edition, first impression dust-jacket, 1927. £15,000 to £20,000.
    <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts and Works on Paper<br>30th March 2023</b>
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Fleming (Ian). <i>Casino Royale,</i> first edition, first impression, 1953. £12,000 to £18,000.
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Dickens (Charles). <i>Great Expectations,</i> 3 vol., first edition, first impression, Chapman and Hall, 1861. £10,000 to £15,000.
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Campbell (Colen) & others. <i>Vitruvius Britannicus, or The British Architect...,</i> 5 vol., vol.1-3 later editions, vol.4 & 5 first editions, [?1731]-31-67-71. £10,000 to £15,000.
    <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts and Works on Paper<br>30th March 2023</b>
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Geography.- Mela (Pomponius). <i>Cosmographia, sive De situ orbis,</i> Venice, Franciscus Renner de Heilbronn, 1478. £8,000 to £12,000.
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> America.- [?Espinosa y Tello (José)]. <i>Relacion del Viage hecho por las Goletas Sutil y Mexicana en el Año de 1792,</i> 2 vol. including Atlas, first edition, Madrid, 1802. £8,000 to £12,000.
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Australasia.- Péron (Francois) and Louis-Claude de Saulces de Freycinet. <i>Voyage de Découvertes aux Terres Australes,</i> 5 vol. including Atlas, second edition, Paris, 1824. £8,000 to £12,000.
    <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts and Works on Paper<br>30th March 2023</b>
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Botany.- Curtis (William). <i>The Botanical Magazine; or, Flower-Garden Displayed,</i> 83 vol. in 62, 1794-1956. £8,000 to £12,000.
    <b>Forum, Mar. 30:</b> Darwin (Charles).- Lecky (W.E.H.) <i>The Rise and Influence of Rationalism in Europe,</i> 2 vol., Darwin's copy with inscription "Charles Darwin 1865", pencil marginalia and pencil notes, 1865. £7,000 to £10,000.
  • <b><center>Swann Auction Galleries<br>Printed & Manuscript African Americana:<br>March 30, 2023</b>
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Victor H. Green, <i>The Negro Motorist Green Book,</i> New York, 1949. $10,000 to $15,000.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Papers of pianist-composer Lawrence Brown relating to Paul Robeson & more, various places, 1925-54. $5,000 to $7,500.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Freedom Summer archive of civil rights activist Karen Haberman Trusty, Atlanta & elsewhere, 1963-64. $5,000 to $7,500.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> E. Simms Campbell, <i>A Night-Club Map of Harlem,</i> New York, 1933. $8,000 to $12,000.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Archive of letters from the sculptor Richmond Barthé to a close Jamaican friend, various places, 1966-85. $25,000 to $35,000.

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