Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How come I am getting an error when trying to access the site through a bookmark?

We recently (August 2013) revised the site and the address hierarchy has changed. If your bookmark contains an address of "" or similar, simply change the bookmark to open ""

2. Why does your site tell me that my email address is used when I try to sign up?

If your paid subscription has lapsed, you are still a free member with the same Log in ID, password and email address. To regain access to subscriber services, log in the way you always did and click “Upgrade Membership.”

3. I just signed up, how long will it take to receive my password?

Your password will be immediately sent to the email address you registered with us. If you do not receive your password immediately, it might be your email address was not entered correctly and you need to sign up again.

4. I cannot log in because I have forgotten my user name or password. What can I do?

Click the "Forgot password?" link at the bottom of the log in box in the top left corner of the page and follow the instructions.

5. I typed in my password but it doesn’t seem to work. Why is this happening?

Our password system is case-sensitive. Make sure that you enter your password accordingly. Number Ones and small “l’s” look similar so copy and paste the password to log in. Then click on "Change Password" and immediately replace your password with one easier to remember. If you have forgotten your password, see #3 above.

6. How do I change my password?

After logging in, click on the My Home link at the top right of the screen. Under the Account Settings panel, click on the blue Details button. Finally, click the Change Password button in the same header as Private Account Information.

7. Do I have to log in each time I visit the site?

No. Click the box marked "Remember me" the next time you log in and it won’t be necessary to log in again. Your computer must be set to accept "cookies" for this to function (most are).

8. How do I upgrade my membership?

First log in at the Member Log in box on the top left hand. After you log in, you'll see the status of your level of membership Upgrade button is on the upper right corner.

9. How do I change my Display Advertising?

Log in first, click "Display Advertising", then click "My Classified" to edit your Display Ad.

10. Cancel Membership. How do I cancel my membership?

Annual and weekly memberships need not be cancelled because they will expire when their time period elapses. Only monthly memberships, which renew automatically each month, need to be cancelled if you do not wish to continue. To cancel, click the “Change Membership Status” on your personal home page after you log in. Click this link and follow the instructions.

11. Can I change my email address, or other information given when I signed up?

Yes. After you log in, click “Update Profile” near the top of your personal home page.

12. Will I pay any commissions to the AE for purchases made through the MatchMaker locator?

No. The price is the same as if you did all of the searching yourself to locate the title.

13. I don't find my question here, how do I reach someone?

Click on "Ask a Question" at the bottom of Home page to submit your question. Or ask a question via fax at (415) 474-5962. To speak to someone, call (415) 823-6689.