• <center><b>Il Ponte Casa d'Aste<br>Books and Manuscripts<br>26 January 2021</b>
    <center><b>Il Ponte Casa d'Aste<br>Books and Manuscripts<br>26 January 2021</b>
    <center><b>Il Ponte Casa d'Aste<br>Books and Manuscripts<br>26 January 2021</b>
  • <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts<br>and Works on Paper<br>28 January 2021</b>
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Schedel (Hartmann). <i>Liber Chronicarum,</i> first edition, Nuremberg, Anton Koberger for Sebald Schreyer and Sebastian Kammermeister, 1493. £30,000 to £50,000.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> [Greek Orthodox Church].- <i>Menaion,</i> manuscript in Greek, on paper, in Greek letters, [Eastern Mediterranean], [c. 1400]. £5,000 to £7,000.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> American Revolution.- Loyalist's cow powder horn, engraved with the cypher "GR" for George III surmounted by a crown, an inscription, and on reverse an engraving of the "North River" [Hudson River], 1777. £5,000 to £7,000.
    <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts<br>and Works on Paper<br>28 January 2021</b>
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Illuminated prayer book.- <i>Maria Carcer y Trigueros... Santa Misa y Oraciones,</i> illuminated manuscript in Spanish, on paper, [c. 1850]. £5,000 to £7,000.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Hardy (Thomas). <i>The Mayor of Casterbridge,</i> 2 vol., first edition in book form, original cloth, 1886. £2,000 to £3,000.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> [Austen (Jane)]. <i>Emma: A Novel,</i> first edition, Printed for John Murray, 1816. £7,000 to £10,000.
    <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts<br>and Works on Paper<br>28 January 2021</b>
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Brontë (Charlotte). <i>Jane Eyre. An Autobiography,</i> 3 vol., first edition, Smith, Elder and Co., 1847. £10,000 to £15,000.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Cruikshank (George). <i>The Road to the Derby,</i> one of two proof copies, Raphael Tuck & Sons, 1882. £600 to £800.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Meunier (Charles, binder).- Gruel (Leon). <i>Manuel Historique et Bibliographique de l'Amateur de Reliures,</i> 2 vol., Paris, 1887.-1905. £3,000 to £4,000.
    <center><b>Forum Auctions<br>Fine Books, Manuscripts<br>and Works on Paper<br>28 January 2021</b>
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Burne-Jones (Sir Edward). <i>The Work of Edward Burne-Jones,</i> edited by Philip Burne-Jones, one of 200 copies, [c.1900]. £4,000 to £6,000.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Nazraeli Press.- <i>Six by Six,</i> 36 vol. [a complete set], one of 100 sets, each with signed photograph, Portland, Or., 2010-16. £10,000 to £15,000.
    <b>Forum Auctions, Jan. 28:</b> Australasia.- Péron (Francois) and Freycinet. <i>Voyage de Découvertes aux Terres Australes,</i> 5 vol. including Atlas, second edition, Paris, 1824. £6,000 to £8,000.
  • <center><b>Arader Galleries<br>January Auction<br>January 23, 2021</b>
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> AUDUBON, John James. <i>Carolina Parrot, Plate 26.</i> London: Robert Havell, 1827-1838. $125,000 to $175,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> AUDUBON, John James. <i>Fish Hawk or Osprey, Plate 81.</i> London: Robert Havell, 1827-1838. $145,000 to $175,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> AUDUBON, John James. <i>Brown Pelican, Plate 421.</i> London: Robert Havell, 1827-1838. $75,000 to $100,000.
    <center><b>Arader Galleries<br>January Auction<br>January 23, 2021</b>
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> DE BRY, Johann Theodore, attributed to. Pair of Watercolor studies of Tulips. $40,000 to $60,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> FUERTES, Louis Agassiz. <i>Alaskan Brown Bear.</i> Watercolor and gouache on board. $10,000 to $15,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> HILL, Thomas. <i>Big Trees.</i> Oil on canvas. c. 1903. $40,000 to $60,000.
    <center><b>Arader Galleries<br>January Auction<br>January 23, 2021</b>
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> GOULD, John. <i>A Monograph of the Macropodidae or Family of Kangaroos.</i> London: by the author, August 1st 1841-May 1st 1842. $40,000 to $60,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> GOULD, John. <i>A Monograph of the Odontophorinae, or Partridges of America.</i> London: Richard and John E. Taylor for the Author, [1844]-1850. $15,000 to $20,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> JANSSONIUS, Joannes. <i>Atlantis majoris quinta pars, orbem maritimum seu omnium marium…</i> Amsterdam: Joannes Janssonius, 1652. $50,000 to $80,000.
    <center><b>Arader Galleries<br>January Auction<br>January 23, 2021</b>
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> DONCKER, Hendrik. <i>De Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Waereld, vertoonende alle de Zee-Kusten van het bekende deel des Aerd-Bodems.</i> Amsterdam: Henrick Doncker, [1658-1665]. $80,000 to $120,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> BURR, David. <i>Map of the City and County of New York with the Adjacent Country.</i> Engraved map with original hand color. Ithaca, NY: Stone & Clark, 1839. $9,000 to $12,000.
    <b>Arader Galleries, Jan. 23:</b> CURRIER, Nathaniel and IVES, James Merritt. <i>The City of New York.</i> Lithograph with original hand color. New York: Currier & Ives, 1884. $15,000 to $20,000.

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Book Catalogue Reviews - November - 2016 Issue

Travel and Ethnology from Antiquariat Kainbacher


Catalogue 8 from Antiquariat Kainbacher.

Antiquariat Kainbacher has created a catalogue of Reisen und Völkerkunde (travel and ethnology). The Austrian bookseller's catalogue is primarily in German, so be forewarned if you do not speak the language. However, there are several items in English with much of their descriptions in that language as well. Indeed, Germany was not a leader in travels and exploration, so many of the books in the German language are translations of other editions. There is even a section devoted to English explorer Francis Drake. And then again, some of those who traveled with English and other explorers were German, such as Georg Forster who traveled with James Cook and published the first (unofficial) account of his second journey.


The catalogue is divided into five sections. They are: (1) Africa, (2) Asia and the Pacific, (3) Francis Drake, (4) Longitude Act, Navigation & Astronomy, and (5) Middle East. Here are a few of the books offered.


We start with a set of books in German that combine the official accounts of Cook with those of Georg Forster and his father, Johann Reinhold Forster, who both sailed on Cook's second voyage as naturalists. It is a set of seven volumes published from 1774-1788 that cover all three of Cook's travels. The first three volumes are Hawkesworth's account of Cook's first voyage, along with accounts of other explorations. The last two volumes encompass Cook and successor Captain James King's description of the third voyage, finished by King as Cook was killed on a beach in Hawaii by unhappy natives. The middle two volumes, however, use the German Forster's account of the second voyage. This was the one on which Cook disproved the long-held belief that there was a massive southern continent, way beyond the Antarctica that is actually there. These are all first German editions of these books. Priced at €18,000 (euros, or approximately $19,789 U.S. dollars).


This next set comes from the field of ethnology. It consists of four volumes (in three) published 1931-1974. The title is Die Feuerland-Indianer (the Fireland Indians) by Martin Gusinde. It is the most extensive book about these Indians, now extinct as a tribe, the victims of genocide by European settlers, ranchers, and gold seekers (and to some extent missionaries). Fireland is better known by its Spanish name, Tierra del Fuego. This land of fire is an archipelago of islands across the Strait of Magellan from the southern tip of the South American continent. It was so named by the fires the natives burned, first observed by Magellan on his trip around the world. The natives, the Selk'nam people, were left alone by Europeans while the rest of South America was being colonized. However, by the middle of the 19th century, Europeans began to colonize even these far southern islands. There were only a few thousand Selk'nam to begin with, and between killings orchestrated by ranchers, the spread of diseases for which they had no immunity, and forced movement and integration with other people, the tribe, and full-blooded Selk'nam, ceased to exist. Author Martin Gusinde was a priest sent to South America, but he became interested in ethnology and the Fireland people in particular. Between 1918-1924 he visited their homeland four times and was accepted by the natives. Gusinde realized their days were numbered and that his study would be the last of the tribe. He learned and preserved everything he could. €5,500 (US $6,052).


In 1714, England enacted the Longitude Act, offering a prize to the person who could devise a way to determine a ship's longitude (east-west) position at sea. Latitude (north-south) could easily be determined by measuring the sun's angle at high noon. No such easy method was possible for calculating how far east or west a ship was located, making global positioning impossible for the crew to determine. John Harrison had a solution. Harrison was a clockmaker, and he knew that if a ship's crew knew what the time was at a fixed longitude, in this case the Greenwich Mean Time line, longitude could be determined by the length of time between high noon at their present location versus the current time at the Greenwich mean line. The problem was developing a clock that would remain perfectly accurate even after weeks or months of travel. Any variation would result in incorrect calculations. Harrison spent most of his life developing chronometers that could keep virtually perfect time over long periods of time. His report, prepared by Harrison and astronomer Nevil Maskelyne, is titled The Principles of Mr. Harrison’s Time-keeper, with plates of the same, published by order of the Commissioners of Longitude (French title Principes de la Montre de Mr. Harrison...). This is a first French edition, published in 1767, same year as the first edition. €25,000 (US $27,498).


Francis Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, a privateer rather than explorer, and English hero. Queen Elizabeth appreciated his efforts deeply, mainly because he stole much Spanish loot to share with his monarch. Drake was quite successful on a mission to Panama in 1572-73, when he captured enormous riches while being the first Englishman to reach the Pacific (the circumnavigation came a few years later). In 1593, Drake presented a manuscript of his adventures for his Queen. It was a heroic story from a British point of view, but with England now officially at peace with Spain, she shipped him off to Ireland to lay low for a while. He would get another chance to raid Spanish shipping a few years later, but died off of Puerto Rico in 1596. The manuscript remained in the archives for the rest of Elizabeth's reign and that of her successor, James I, for diplomatic reasons. However, once James died, it was allowed to be published. It was first published in 1626. This is a copy of the 1628 second edition of Sir Francis Drake Revived: Calling upon this dull or effeminate age, to follow his noble steps for gold and silver. €30,000 (US $33,050).


Antiquariat Kainbacher can be reached at 0043-(0)699-110 19 221 or paul.kainbacher@kabsi.at. Their website is found at www.antiquariat-kainbacher.at.

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  • <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Joseph F. Kernan, <i>College Football,</i> oil on canvas, <i>The Saturday Evening Post</i> cover, 1932. $25,000 to $35,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Joseph C. Leyendecker, <i>Golfer Lighting a Cigarette,</i> oil on canvas, c.1920. $7,000 to $10,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Howard Chandler Christy, <i>In the Field,</i> charcoal & watercolor, published in <i>Scribner’s,</i> 1902. $8,000 to $12,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> N.C. Wyeth, <i>Standish Reading,</i> pen & ink, for <i>The Courtship of Miles Standish,</i> 1920. $5,000 to $7,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Johnanna Stewart Mapes, <i>A Fairy Book,</i> conté crayon, for <i>St. Nicholas Magazine,</i> 1907. $2,500 to $3,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Arnold Lobel, pen & ink, for <i>The Frog & Toad Coloring Book,</i> 1981. $3,000 to $4,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Antonio Lopez, <i>Today’s Fashions,</i> study for <i>The New York Times,</i> 1981. $2,500 to $3,500.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Charles Schulz, <i>“I’ll have to go back to the house…I forgot my rubbers…”</i> pen & ink, original 4-panel <i>Peanuts comic,</i> 1960. $8,000 to $12,000.
    <b>Swann Auction Galleries Jan 28:</b> Constantin Alajalov, <i>Family Tree,</i> watercolor and gouache, cover for <i>The New Yorker,</i> 1938. Estimate $3,000 to $4,000.

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