EV Stamps: Railroad Related Covers - bidstart 2/17, 40723, Richmond

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04/07/2023 - 04/07/2023
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A.G.S.R.R. Co Railroad Corner Card, 1886 Birmingham CDS, US Stamp #210 tied on cover to Cincinnati Ohio

1886Not AvailableNot Sold

Albany & Buffalo Rail Road with #11 Vertical Strip of 3 & #9 tied with blue "Albany & Buffalo RR Apr 11" CDS to cover going to Canada West with red "United States Paid" handstamp, cover has full advertising back for Stanwix Hall, Albany, NY, very attracti

Not AvailableUSD 149.50

American Railway corner advertising, #65 tied by New York fancy cancel plus NY CDS with 1864 date stamp, to Hartford Conn

1864Not AvailableUSD 17.25

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Co. Corner Card, on U82 Stationery, Topeka Kansas CDS

Not AvailableNot Sold

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Co. Corner Card, US Stamp #210 at right, 1885 dateline, with Meadville PA CDS

1885Not AvailableUSD 11.50

Atlantic & Great Western Railroad Corner Card, US Stamp #147 with blue grid cancel and Cincinnati Ohio CDS, cover with wrinkles and creases

Not AvailableNot Sold

Atlantic & Great Western Railroad Corner Card, US Stamp #213 tied by Chattanooga Tenn 1890 CDS cancel

1890Not AvailableUSD 11.50

Atlantic Coast St Johns & Indian River Railway Co Railroad Corner Card, US Stamp #210 tied by NY 1885 CDS cancel

1885Not AvailableUSD 11.50

B. & M. R. Railroad (Land Department) Corner Card, US Stamp #158 tied by Burlington Iowa CDS cancel, backflap missing

Not AvailableNot Sold

Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company Cover to Germany, with US #71, beautiful manuscript address, with black "Bel Air Ohio" CDS, red CDS, blue France handstamp, & "By Prussian Closed Mail" manuscript, with black "Frankfurt" CDS backstamp, CV $400

Not AvailableUSD 310.50

Baltimore And Ohio Rail Road Cover with US #11 tied by blue Baltimore, MD Oct 10 CDS to Frederick, MD, with B & O R.R. docketting, very fine

Not AvailableUSD 11.50

Boston & Maine Rail Road embossed corner card cover with 3 US #73 with black cork cancels, two tied with red "Boston, MA" CDS on cover to Nashua, NH, attractive double rate usage, ex Markle

Not AvailableUSD 103.50

Boston & Maine Rail Road with One Cent Small banknote tied with black "World's Fair St. Louis 1903" & CDS on Frisco System cover to Boston & Maine R.R.

1903Not AvailableUSD 17.25

Brooklyn City & Newtown Railroad Co corner advertising, #65 tied by fancy cancel plus Brooklyn CDS with 1864 date stamp, to New Haven Conn

1864Not AvailableUSD 46.00

Burlington Route Railroad Corner Card, lovely U349 Columbian 2 cent Stationery with 1893 Cincinnati Ohio CDS

1893Not AvailableNot Sold

California Penny Post Company (#34LU7) entire on US #U10 with manuscript cancel to San Francisco, with list of offices at left, cover in extra fine condition, possibly the finest of the 11 known in Frajola's census

Not AvailableUSD 46.00

California Railway California Southern Railroad Corner Card, #213 at right, cover with creases at right and toning

Not AvailableUSD 11.50

Camden & Amboy Rail Road Company attractive corner advertising card with steam locomotive on cover with US #114 tied with fancy cork cancel and black "New York Jun 22" CDS

Not AvailableUSD 103.50

Camp Dennison cover with US #26 tied with blue "Cincinnati O Jun 17" CDS with blue grid cancel on all over Camp Dennison Near Cincinnati red illustrated cover to Steuben County, NY, very scarce design on clean cover, opened gently at right, stamp missing

Not AvailableUSD 241.50

Canada Southern Line Rail Road Advertising Corner Card with boxcar illustration to Tuscola, Co, MO, with contents on CSL stationery, 1/2 inch tear through illustration at top left , Kansas City Jul 1 RPO CDS, attractive cover

Not AvailableUSD 69.00

Central Ohio & Pittsburgh, Columbus & Cincinnati Rail Roads advertising cover with US #26 tied with blue "Cincinnati O Aug 2" double circle CDS with blue grid cancel to Washington D.C., stamp missing upper left, cover with small stains, but in very fine c

Not AvailableUSD 11.50

Central Park North & East River Rail Road corner advertising, #65 tied and NY CDS with 1863 date stamp at center, to Chester Conn

1863Not AvailableUSD 17.25

Charlotte, Columbia, and Augusta Railroad corner advertising card on US Postal Stationery cover to Fort MIlls, SC, slight burn at bottom right, attractive cover

Not AvailableUSD 34.50

Chattanooga, Rome & Columbus Railroad Corner Card, #213 tied by Savannah Duplex cancel

Not AvailableNot Sold

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. Railroad Corner Card, #213 tied by Richmond 1899 Duplex cancel, stunning reverse advertising label for launching of US Torpedo Boat Shubrick

1899Not AvailableUSD 46.00
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    <b>Swann June 1:</b> Jane Austen, <i>Pride and Prejudice,</i> London, 1817. $6,000 to $8,000.
    <b>Swann June 1:</b> Cindy Sherman, <i>Secretary,</i> gelatin silver print, 1978; printed 1993. $6,000 to $8,000.
    <b>Swann June 1:</b> Fanny Stevenson, Archive of Photographs & Letters, 1866-1904. $4,000 to $6,000.
    <b>Swann June 1:</b> Charlotte Perkins Gilman, <i>The Forerunner,</i> Volumes I-VII; Family Association Set; Four Volumes Signed or Inscribed by the Author, New York, 1909-16. $3,000 to $5,000.
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    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> "Cool Hand Luke" | Paul Newman Academy Award® Nomination Plaque. USD$2500 - $3500
    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> "Hud" | Bound presentation script incorporating photographic stills. USD$1000 - $1500
    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> "The Long, Hot Summer" | Movie Poster. USD$1000 - $1500
    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> Joseph Heller | "Catch-22," inscribed to Woodward & Newman by author. USD$500 - $800
    <b><center>Sotheby's<br>The Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman Collection<br>26 May - 12 June</b>
    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> George H. W. Bush | Typed Letter Signed, Issuing a "Pardon" to Paul Newman. USD$1500 - $2000
    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> William Jefferson Clinton | Inscribed Color Photograph. USD$1000 - $1500
    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> Ken Kesey | Typed letter to “Paulnewman,” asking for further compensation for "Sometimes a Great Notion". USD$1000 - $1500
    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> "They Might Be Giants" | Costume sketches by Edith Head. USD$1000 - $2000
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