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03/14/2023 - 03/14/2023
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Mizrah Plaque – "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem" – Weissenburg, 19th Century

Weissenburg19th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 350.00

Collection of Mizrah Plaques – Color Lithographs – Moshe and Aharon

Not AvailableUSD 550.00

The Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague – Lithograph – Prague, 1862

Prague1862Not AvailableUSD 125.00

Descendants and Disciples of the Ba’al Shem Tov – Lithographic Genealogical Poster – Warsaw, 1927

Warsaw1927Not AvailableUSD 125.00

Large and Varied Collection of Documents – Fine Lithographs – Jerusalem and Elsewhere, First Half of the 20th Century

Jerusalem and ElsewhereFirst Half of the 20th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 6,000.00

Collection of Yahrzeit Plaques – Hungary, Germany and Jerusalem – Color Lithographs

Not AvailableUSD 500.00

Large Collection of Calendars and Documents – Lithographs – Jerusalem, First Half of the 20th Century

JerusalemFirst Half of the 20th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 3,750.00

Six Printed Silk Challah Covers – Ohel Moshe Diskin Yeshiva

Not AvailableUSD 400.00

Three Printed Textiles – Shabbat and Yom Tov – 20th Century

20th CenturyNot AvailableNot Sold

Textile Matzah Bag – Presented to Benefactors by R. Chaim Berlin Yeshiva

Not AvailableNot Sold

Textile Challah Cover – Presented by the Council of Jewish Orthodox Congregations of Greater Cincinnati to Jewish WWII Veterans – Purim, 1946

Purim1946Not AvailableNot Sold

Perforated Paper Needlework with New Year’s Wishes – Eretz Israel, 1889

Eretz Israel1889Not AvailableUSD 137.50

Rachel’s Tomb – Tapestry by Alliance School Workshops, Jerusalem, Early 20th Century

JerusalemEarly 20th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 175.00

Engraved Portrait of Rabbi R. Yehonatan Eybeschutz – 1818

1818Not AvailableUSD 225.00

Color Lithograph – Portraits of the Gaon of Vilna, the Malbim and R. Yitzchak Elchanan Spektor Rabbi of Kovno – Germany, Early 20th Century

GermanyEarly 20th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 350.00

Collection of Biblical Engravings – From Willem Goree's "Mosaize Historie der Hebreeuwse Kerke" – Amsterdam, 1700

Amsterdam1700Not AvailableUSD 200.00

Ten Biblical Engravings – 18th Century

Not AvailableUSD 150.00

Collection of Engravings - The Portuguese Synagogue of Amsterdam and Jewish Customs - Bernard Picart

Not AvailableUSD 350.00

Illustrations to the Mishnah – Collection of Engravings – Amsterdam, 1698-1703

Amsterdam1698-1703Not AvailableUSD 200.00

The Dust of the World, A Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes, by Rabbi Avraham Belais – Hebrew-English Edition – London, 1850 – Portrait of the Author

London1850Not AvailableNot Sold

Amarot Tehorot / The Holy Speech, and Treasures of the Bible – New York, 1903 – Picture of Prominent Rabbis and Other Pictures

New York1903Not AvailableUSD 350.00

Otzar HaTemunot – 150 Pictures of Jewish Rabbis – New York, 1909

New York1909Not AvailableUSD 137.50

Lithograph – Portrait of Rabbi Shmuel Salant – Jerusalem, Early 20th Century

JerusalemEarly 20th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 125.00

Photograph of Rabbi Raphael Delle Pergola, Chief Rabbi of Alexandria – Early 20th Century

Early 20th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 125.00

Eight Photographs – Portraits of Jews – Yemen and Europe, Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century

Yemen and EuropeLate 19th Century and Early 20th CenturyNot AvailableUSD 325.00
  • <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> CASAS (BARTOLOMÉ DE LAS). <i>La Découverte des Indes occidentales par les Espagnols,</i> Paris, 1697. €1,500 to €2,000.
    <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> GARCILASO DE LA VEGA. <i>Primera parte de los commentarios reales, que tratan del orígen de los Yncas…,</i> Lisbonne, 1609 [1608 au colophon]. €8,000 to €10,000.
    <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> GARCILASO DE LA VEGA. <i>Histoire des Yncas rois du Pérou. On a joint à cette édition l'Histoire de la conquête de la Floride,</i> Amsterdam, 1737. €800 to €1,000.
    <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> LAET (JOHANNES DE). <i>L'Histoire du nouveau monde, ou description des Indes occidentales,</i> Leyde, 1640. €8,000 to €10,000.
    <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> LAFITAU (JOSEPH-FRANÇOIS). <i>Mœurs des sauvages amériquains, comparées aux mœurs des premiers temps,</i> Paris, 1724. €1,200 to €1,500.
    <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> ORRIO (FRANCISCO XAVIER ALEXO DE). <i>Solución del gran problema acerca de la población de las Americas,</i> Mexico, 1763. €1,500 to €2,000.
    <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> [ROCHEFORT (CHARLES DE)]. <i>Histoire naturelle et morale des Îles Antilles de l'Amérique,</i> Amsterdam, 1716. €800 to €1,000.
    <b>ALDE, Apr. 18:</b> TURGOT (ANNE-ROBERT-JACQUES). <i>Mémoire sur les colonies américaines, sur leurs relations politiques avec leurs métropoles…,</i> Paris, 1791. €1,000 to €1,200.
  • <center><b>Dominic Winter Auctioneers<br>April 5<br>Printed Books, Maps, Atlases & Caricatures</b>
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Speed (John). <i>The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine...</i> bound with <i>The Prospect of the most Famous parts of the World,</i> Thomas Bassett & Richard Chiswell, 1676. £20,000 to £30,000.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> China. De Jode (Cornelis), <i>China Regnum,</i> Antwerp [1593]. £7,000 to £10,000.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> World. Hondius (Henricus), <i>Nova totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula.</i> Auct: Henr. Hondio. Amsterdam, circa 1630. £5,000 to £8,000.
    <center><b>Dominic Winter Auctioneers<br>April 5<br>Printed Books, Maps, Atlases & Caricatures</b>
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> World. Blaeu (Willem Janszoon), <i>Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula</i> auct: Guilelmo Blaeuw, Amsterdam [1635 - 58]. £5,000 to £8,000.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Acosta (Emanuel). <i>Rerum a Societate Iesu in Oriente gestarum ad annum usque à Deipara Virgine…,</i> 1st edition, Dillingen: Sebald Mayer, 1571. £3,000 to £5,000.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Ruggieri (Francesco). <i>Scelta di Architetture Antiche e Moderne della Citta di Firenze…,</i> 4 volumes bound in two, Florence, Appresso l'Editore, 1755. £3,000 to £4,000.
    <center><b>Dominic Winter Auctioneers<br>April 5<br>Printed Books, Maps, Atlases & Caricatures</b>
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Parry (William). <i>Journal of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage,</i> 6 vols in 5, 1st editions, 1821-27. £2,000 to £3,000.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Hunter (John). <i>A Treatise on the Blood, Inflammation, and Gun-Shot Wounds,</i> 1st edition, 1794. £1,000 to £1,500.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Furber (Robert). <i>The Flower-Garden Display'd, in above Four Hundred Curious Representations of the most Beautiful Flowers…,</i> 1st quarto edition, London, 1732. £1,000 to £1,500.
    <center><b>Dominic Winter Auctioneers<br>April 5<br>Printed Books, Maps, Atlases & Caricatures</b>
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Friedman (Milton). <i>A Theory of the Consumption Function,</i> 1st edition, 1957. £500 to £800.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Clarkson (Thomas). <i>The history of the ... abolition of the African slave-trade,</i> 2 vols., 1808. £800 to £1,200.
    <b>Dominic Winter, Apr. 5:</b> Civil War Pamphlets. A sammelband of 19 pamphlets relating to events of the English Civil War, 1640-1661. £2,000 to £3,000.
  • <b><center>Swann Auction Galleries<br>Printed & Manuscript African Americana:<br>March 30, 2023</b>
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Victor H. Green, <i>The Negro Motorist Green Book,</i> New York, 1949. $10,000 to $15,000.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Papers of pianist-composer Lawrence Brown relating to Paul Robeson & more, various places, 1925-54. $5,000 to $7,500.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Freedom Summer archive of civil rights activist Karen Haberman Trusty, Atlanta & elsewhere, 1963-64. $5,000 to $7,500.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> E. Simms Campbell, <i>A Night-Club Map of Harlem,</i> New York, 1933. $8,000 to $12,000.
    <b>Swann March 30:</b> Archive of letters from the sculptor Richmond Barthé to a close Jamaican friend, various places, 1966-85. $25,000 to $35,000.
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