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Jeschke Van Vliet Auctions Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Rare Books, Prints and Historical Photography Sale December 4


Temminck and Laugier de Chartrouse's ornithology.

Jeschke Van Vliet Auctions of Berlin is celebrating a milestone, their 30th anniversary in the trade. They specialize in auctions of books, art, and related material. This auction is focused on old and rare books and other items in the “works on paper” field, notably prints and photographs. The sale title is 30 Years Jubilee Auction Rare Books, Decorative Prints, Historical Photography.


The sale will be held on December 4, 2020. Most bids will be placed online and their catalogue can be viewed, and bids placed, on LiveAuctioneers. There are over 500 lots offered and they are filled with all sorts of antiquarian and important material. The catalogue and bidding instructions can be found on LiveActioneers at the following link: www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/185198_30-years-rare-books-prints-photography.


Jeschke Van Vliet has provided a description of a few of the highlights of the sale which are as follow:


Lot 84 Atlases - - Abraham Ortelius. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. With coloured copper title and 91 mostly double-page coloured copper maps on 70 sheets. Antwerp, A. C. van Diest 1574. folio. 10 sheets, 70 number. sheet, (1 p.), 48 sheets Modern red-brow leather strap.


With coloured engraved title and 91 mostly double paged coloured engraved maps on 70 leaves. - Modern handbound full morocco leather binding in 18th. century style with gilded fillets, fleurons and gilded spine title. - Fourth Latin edition, which was published in 1570, with 53 maps. Complete copy. Most of the maps engraved by Frans Hogenberg show the world in oval, the continents America, Asia, Africa, Europe, partial maps of Europe with England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France (with partial maps of Bourges, Loire, Calais and Vermandois, Narbonne, Burgundy) Germany (actually Central Europe, with sub-maps of Lower Saxony, Dithmarschen, Mansfeld, Bavaria, Franconia, Saxony, Pomerania, Prussia, Swabia, Thuringia, Würrtemberg, etc.), Netherlands and Belgium, Scandinavia (with partial maps of Denmark), Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Switzerland, Austria (with partial maps of Tyrol, Salzburg), Italy (with numerous partial maps), Cyprus, Poland (with partial maps of Livonia), Greece, Hungary, Transylvania, Balkans, Baltic States, Russia, Persia, India, Turkey, Arabia (with partial maps of Palestine, Egypt, Kathargo, Asia Minor), as well as Abyssinia, the mythological map of the kingdom of the Priest-King John in Africa. The maps in predominantly good condition and impressions with high contrasts usually magnificent surface and border coloured. Enriched with impressive volute cartouches, sailing ships and sea monsters. The exotic countries and areas are often enriched with native inhabitants and animals. - Clean copy, some pages with minimally old backings, some leafs only at the outer margin slightly brown respectively minimally waterstained. Altogether a very good and mostly broad margined copy of this famous atlas.


Estimate: 28.000€


Lot 454 Yves Klein (1928 Nice - 1962 Paris). 
Exhibition catalogue with additional unique monochrome and two colour serigraphs. Monochrome and Fire. Exhibition cat. Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, 1961. 3 loose double sheets in an OPp. envelope. 4°. Includes a monochrome with gold leaf applications on gold foil, as well as a pink and a blue colour serigraphy. Each approx. 32 x 23 cm. Each fixed to a point on a backing and mounted under passepartout.


Exhibition catalogue with additional monochrome and two color serigraphs. 3 loose double sheets in original envelope. Includes a monochrome with gold leaf applications on gold foil, which is in every edition a unique piece as well as a pink and a blue color serigraphy. - Catalogue of the artist's very solo exhibition exhibition in Germany, which was also his first institutional exhibition abroad. Until Klein's death one year later it was to remain the only public museum exhibition during his lifetime. The three works were published together with the exhibition catalog. - Envelope slightly browned, bumped and with minimal soiling. The two color serigraphs with minimal rubbing and delicate crease marks. The blue serigraph with bumped corners. Both works of intense colour. The monochrome in gold bumped at the corners and, due to the nature of the work slightly creased along the lower edge. Overall very clean and shiny.


Estimate: 12.000€



Lot 305 Ornithology - - C. J. u. (G. M. J.) M. und Laugier de Chartrouse Temminck. Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées d'oiseaux, por servir de suite et de complément aux planches enluminées de Buffon. 5 vols. With 600 (5 double leaf size) old coloured copper plates. Paris, F. G. Levrault, and Amsterdam, L. Imbert, 1838. folio (37:28 cm). Red Hldr. of the 20th century in the style of the time with gilded spine, title at the back and head gilt cut (sign: I. Saulnier).


First edition of Temminck's monumental work. The splendid plates in bright colouring with approx. 800 depictions of birds by and to N. Huet and J.-G. Prêtre on 600 plates, partly heightened with protein. 5 Vol. Red half leather. of the 20th century in the style of the time with gilding on the back, title on the back and Head gilt cut (sign: I. Saulnier). - Wide-margined copy of the edition usually designated as 4to. - Text plate somewhat foxed, the plates not affected, slightly browned in places; title with weak water margin due to detachment of a paste over the printing place, vol. 5, plates 565-573 and corresponding text plate with weak brown spot in the bunch, in vol. 5 at the end (Addition and Tableau méthodique) with water margin in the upper outer corner, 1 sheet missing (of the Preface) and, as often, the 12 p. "Prospectus" by Cuvier.


Estimate: 15.000€



Lot 43 Book of Hours. Illuminated manuscript. - With 6 splendid gold heightened initials with rich fleuronée, numerous initials in gold tincture, as well as numerous lombards rubbed in blue and red. Germany 15th/16th century. Textura in blue, red and brown ink. Vellum. 13,4 x 7,8 cm (typeface 8,6 x 5,7 cm). 18 lines. 170 sheets. 12° - The low German Book of Hours begins with the Calendar (Fol.1-12). Geographically, the veneration of saints in the calendar refers to the Westphalian-Rhenish area. Folio 3v. names Bishop Ludger of Münster, and folio 10v. names Bishop Severin of Cologne in the calendar of saints. These regional saints, who are only noted with additional place names, are flanked by Bishop Lambert of Liège (fol. 9v), Valerius of Trier (fol.1v) and international references such as Bishop Ambrose of Milan (fol. 4r.). The female staff of saints include St. Agueta, Appollonie, Scholastica, Juliana, Sophia, Justina, Clara, Tecla and Victoria. - The Office of Mary (fol.13-59.) begins with a splendid floral stem-filled Intiale and continues with the hourly prayers until the completion and is concluded by the Marian antiphon Salve Regina. Remarkable are the Lower German Prayer Institutes found in fol.45, the wording of which can partly be found in Marlies Stählis, manuscripts of the cathedral library in Hildesheim (p.310). After that there are the Crucifixion of Jesus (fol. 60-71), the Psalms (fol. 72-87), Heiligenlitanei (fol.87v-89v.), as well as Hymns and Vigilia (fol.90ff). - Beautiful manuscript, the initials partly reminiscent of the goldsmith's type in gold and opaque colours with fine white heightening with rich fleuronné, the litany of saints with sticks as line fillers, few leaves with minimally erased text, this one completed by hand. Red cut.


Estimate: 5.000€


Lot 218 Astronomy - - Abraham ben Samuel) Avraham ben Shemuel Zakut (Zacuto bzw. Zacut. Almanach perpetuu(m) exactissime nuper eme(n)datu(m) omniu(m) celi motuum cum additionib(us) in eo factis tenens complementum. Venice, Petrus Liechenstein, 1502. (colophon: Jmpressum est ac absolutu(m) Venetijs q(uam) accuratissima fide ... charactere Per Petru(m) Liechtenstein Coloniensem Anno Salutifere incarnationis 1502. Die 15 Julij.) 243, 1 w. Bll. 4°. Blind embossed pigskin strap over wooden covers with centre buckle


Exceedingly rare third Latin edition of Zacuto's "Almanach" (or Ephemerides) that revolutionized ocean navigation and was used by Columbus and Vasco da Gama while travelling. - Contemporary blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with single middle clasp, handwritten label to cover, and handwritten title to spine (slight wear and soiling, lower spine end slightly damaged by worming).


Estimate: 20.000€


Lot 417: Salvador Dalí. Les Douze Tribus d'Israël. Hommage à Israël for this 25th anniversary. Préface de Abba Eban. With 13 original hand-coloured cold needle etchings by S. Dali. Fribourg, Éditions Transworld Art S.A., 1973. large folio. Loose sheets in Or.-Lwd.-Chemise in OLwd.-Cassette (a little bit stained and scraped). -


One of 60 copies "EA". - Michler/Löpsinger 618-630th - Field 72-6th - Rare Dalí graphic series for the 25th anniversary of Israel, in which each of the twelve tribes of Israel is dedicated a separate sheet, symbolically uniting them together on the 1st etching. Printing note and the graphics each signed in pencil at the lower margin and inscribed "EA". Nice copy with all text sheets. One of 60 copies "EA". - Rare Dalí series of prints for the 25th anniversary of Israel, in which each of the twelve tribes of Israel is dedicated a separate sheet, symbolically uniting them together on the 1st etching. Printing note and the graphics each signed in pencil at the lower margin and inscribed "EA". - Nice copy with all text sheets.


Estimate: 12.000€


Zoology - - J.-B. Audebert. Histoire naturelle des singes, peints d'après nature (and) Histoire naturelle (des singes et) des makis. With 63 copper plates, 61 of them in colour engraving, partly completed with hand colouring by Audebert. (10 deliveries in 1 vol.). Paris, Desrays, An VIII (1799 -1800), folio ( 54 x 35 cm). HLdr. at present with title and rverg.(more rubbed).


Rare and at the same time one of the most beautiful works on monkeys, luxuriously furnished (The list of subscribers lists 139 copies). With 63 copper plates, 61 of them in color cast, partly supplemented with hand coloring by Audebert. A. replaced the watercolour paints that had previously been used for colour engraving with oil paints in a newly developed process and thus achieved a previously unattained colour effect. - 3 text sheets with old repaired tear, one of them longer, few text sheets with small tear in the untrimmed margin. Partially light to moderate foxing, few weak fingerprints.


Estimate: 10.000€


Jeschke Van Vliet Auctions can be reached at +49 30 22 66 77 00 or info@jvv-berlin.de. Their website is found at www.jvv-berlin.de. Lots can be viewed and bids placed on LiveAuctioneers at www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/185198_30-years-rare-books-prints-photography.

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