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The Getman New York Fair for March 2019 is creating a Larger Footprint


Marvin Getman, who had a nice turnout for his one day fair in New York over the extended ABAA New York weekend in March, recently committed to the Sheraton to bring his fair back to their location between 52nd and 53rd Streets on 7th Avenue next year and to hiring their larger ballroom for the event.  Dealers are issuing fewer catalogues and experiencing uneven sales online but, as a group, they are optimistic about fairs and their interactions with buyers, be they collectors, institutions or other dealers.


The larger space will accommodate 60 exhibitors in the rare book section and, as of a few days ago, was already sold out for 2019.  An additional room is now contemplated which will accommodate 40 single tables.  Plans are underway to open this second room to a group representing Book Artists and Fine Press Publishers.  The next logical question for Mr. Getman is, how much more room does the Sheraton have available?


The Getman formula is well-established.  Get the best space, provide advantages to exhibitors, make it easy for customers to attend by providing a shuttle to and from the site of the ABAA Fair at the Armory; offer ample complimentary passes to exhibitors, keep exhibitor prices low, and promote the event heavily.  For the 2019 show which will, for the first time, be a two-day Saturday-Sunday event, exhibitors are being offered over-night rooms in the hotel as part of their package.


So, how do recent exhibitors feel about their New York experience?


John Leger of Lebookiniste of Morristown, New Jersey [www.lebookiniste.com] exhibited for the first time, found the show very rewarding, and has signed up for the 2-day fair next March.  As John explained it, “it works and we’re coming back.”  Lebookiniste specializes in 20th century art, theater, radicalism and poetry [www.lebookiniste.com].


Justin Shea of Star of the Sea in Hermosa Beach, California was also an exhibitor and was well satisfied.  "Much of my business is on the east coast."


It is still possible to sign-up as a back-up exhibitor should any spaces become available or should Mr. Getman be able to obtain more exhibition space.


With Mr. Getman it always feels as if the future is arriving.


Marvin's contact information is as follows:


Marvin Getman



John Ledger



Rare Book Monthly

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    <b>Sotheby’s, May 26 – Jun. 12:</b> "The Long, Hot Summer" | Movie Poster. USD$1000 - $1500
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