Rare Book Monthly

Book Catalogue Reviews - July - 2009 Issue

European Posters from Burkhard Sulzen


An odd advertisement for the short-lived Safir truck.

Items 134 and 135 are messages of political propaganda. One features a marching boy in shorts playing a drum. The other a girl in what looks like a scout uniform, looking up and out, a series of Nazi flags behind her. These were promotions for the Hitler youth, and you could never guess what evil lurked behind these wholesome images. €320 each (US $453).

No one could have imagined where this company would be 80 years later when this poster was printed in 1929. It announces (in German) Opel the car for you. Below that is Opel General Motors. Opel was purchased by General Motors in 1929, but after 80 years, and G.M.'s bankruptcy, it is about to see new ownership. €320 (US $453).

Burkhard Sülzen may be reached at 030-3903 6376 or b.suelzen@gmx.de. The website is www.plakatkontor.de.

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