Source : Zisska and Schauer

Source Title Manuscripts, Autographs, Incunabula and Early Rare
Description Zisska & Schauer's auction house was founded in Munich, Germany, in 1983 by Frederick Zisska and Rolf Kistner, under the name Zisska & Kistner. Their specialty is books, manuscripts, autographs, incunabula and early rare books, natural sciences and technology, medicine, literature and illustrated books, geography and travel, atlases and maps, bibliography, topographical and decorative prints. Auctions are held twice a year, spring and fall, generally running for three or four days, and drawing an international clientele.

In 2007, the founders retired and turned the firm over to Herbert Schauer, who had headed the book department for 20 years. The firm then became known as Zisska & Schauer. Records in this database, starting in 2008, are found under the listings for Zisska Schauer, while earlier records are found listed under F Zisska R Kistner.
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