Auction Update Review


The Hills are alive

Note about this week’s issue of the Weekly Auction Update.  Effective today updates will be emailed to all registered AE members each week on Sunday evening.  This report provides perspective on sales archived over the past 7 days and sales upcoming over the next week.  On an average week 16 sales are archived and 18 sales scheduled and searchable for the next week.


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For the week ending Saturday February 23rd 18 auctions were archived to the AED, 8 in US dollars, 3 in British pounds, and 7 in euros.  Five thousand one hundred and twenty-four lots were offered and 4,054 sold for an overall success rate of 79%.  Total sales in US dollars were $8,029,399.  It was a strong week.


The big number was $4,105,223, the total sales for Heritage’s Comics and Comic Art sale on February 21st.  The next largest sale was Heritage’s Animation Art auction ended the same day.  It raised $920,709.  Attics, basements and garages are being scoured as we speak.  


Two sales’ total proceeds exceeded 100% of the high estimates of all lots offered:


Bonhams.  Books on February 19th:  132%

Bonhams.  World War II:  The Pacific Theatre on February 22nd:             103%


Eight sales saw 80% or more of their lots sell:


Heritage Auctions.  Animation Art on February 21st:  98%

Heritage Auctions.  Comics and Comic Art on February 21st:  96%

Bonhams.  Books on February 19th:  93%

Heritage Auctions.  Rare Books online bidding ended February 21st:  91%

Clars Auction Gallery.  Prints, Ephemera on February 16th:  89%

Coutau-Begarie.  Comics on February 2nd:  84%

Clars Auction Gallery.  Prints online bidding ended February 17th:  82%

Here is a link to an interactive spreadsheet of this past week’s sales.  All headers re-sequence the data.

For the week ahead 17 sales are scheduled:


Mon. Feb. 25th          Alde.  Ancient Books of the XIX Century, Political Economy [20983].  380 lots

                                    Bruun Rasmussen.  Prints [1309].  59 lots

                                    Hommage to Aldo Crommelynck:  From Picasso to George Condo [PF1334]


Tues. Feb. 26th           Christies.  Prints [8337].  6 lots

                                    Cowan’s Auctions, Inc.  The World at War [346].  35 lots

                                    Swann galleries, Inc.  Fine Photographs and Photobooks [2304].  138 lots


Wed. Feb. 27th           Autographes Encheres.  Autographs

                                    Bloomsbury Auctions.  Beatrix Potter:  The Mark Ottignon Collection [36015]

                                    Christies.  Prints [8179].  7 lots


Thurs. Feb. 28th         Ader.  Performing Arts:  Collection of a Belgian Amateur [20826].  360 lots

                                    Bloomsbury Auctions.  Literature, Manuscripts and Modern First Books [36018].  386 lots

                                    Heritage Auctions.  Rare Books Internet bidding ends today [201309].  247 lots

                                    PBA Galleries.  Golf Books [501].  227 lots

                                    Sothebys.  Fine Travel and Plate Books:  A Private Collection [L13410].  142 lots

                                    Swann Galleries.  Early Printed, Medical, Scientic and Travel Books [2305].  341 lots.


Fri. Mar. 1st                 Heritage Auctions [].  Texana [6097].  204 lots


Sat. Mar. 2nd               Dorotheum.  Gun Books [9932].  8 lots


Just as Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein wrote and Mary Martin sang, “the hills are alive”, if not in the auction business with the sound of music, with at least the low rumble of the audience preparing to bid.  The winter is over.


Bruce McKinney


24 February 2013

  • <b>Announcing a new Books for Sale platform hosted by Biblio</b>
    <b>List your books simultaneously on Rare Book Hub and Biblio</b>
  • <b>19th Century Shop’s Catalog 170 Great Books and Photos. Please inquire for a copy.</b>
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Exodus 10:10 to 16:15. Complete Biblical scroll sheet in Hebrew, a Torah scroll panel. Middle East, ca. 10th or 11th century.
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Copernicus Refuted. (Astronomy.). Scientific manuscript of a course of studies at Collège de la Trinité, Lyon. 1660s.
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Israel’s War of Independence and the Early Days of the IDF. 58 photographs presented to Israel Ber, IDF officer and later convicted spy.
    <b>19th Century Shop’s Catalog 170 Great Books and Photos. Please inquire for a copy.</b>
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Early Unpublished Darwin letter on the races of man. Autograph Letter Signed [to Henry Denny]. Down, Kent, June 1, [1844].
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> Classic Image of American Slavery. Kimball, M. H. <i>Emancipated Slaves</i>. New York: George Hanks, 1863.
    <b>19th Century Shop:</b> (Underground Railroad.) Scaggs, Isaac. Important Runaway Slave Poster: $500 Reward Ran away, or decoyed from the subscriber…
  • <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Newton. <i>Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica</i>. London, 1687.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Josephus. <i>De antiquitate Judaica.</i> Lubeck, 1475-76.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Carlerius. <i>Sporta fragmentorum, Sportula fragmentorum</i>. Brussels, 1478-79.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Fridolin. <i>Der Schatzbehalter</i>. Nuremberg, 1491.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Pinder. <i>Der beschlossen gart des rosenkrantz marie</i>. Nuremberg, 1505.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Isidorus Hispalensis. <i>Synonyma de Homine</i>. Nuremberg, 1470-71.
    <b>Bonhams, inviting consignments for Sep 27:</b> Durer. Sammelband including <i>Underweysung der messing</i>. Nuremberg, 1525-29.
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