Liber Studiorum 71 in 2 folio boxes

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Author Joseph Mallord William Turner

Liber Studiorum 71 in 2 folio boxes

Year Published 1807-1819
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Description Joseph Mallord William Turner (British, 1775-1851) Liber Studiorum (Rawlinson 1-71) The complete set of 71 etchings with mezzotint, 1807-1819, etched by the artist, engraved by Charles Turner, William Say, Robert Dunkarton, Thomas Hodgetts, George Clint, Thomas Lupton, Henry Dawe, S. W. Reynolds, J.C. Easling, William Annis, F.C. Lewis and the artist, fine impressions, printed in warm brown ink, some with aquatint, comprised of four proofs, fifty-seven first states, eight second states, two third states, on laid, with margins, loose in soft card mounts, within two hinged hard-board solander boxes, the front gilded with the title and 'Vol I' and 'Vol II', together with two exhibition booklets, Bradford City Art Gallery 1918 and Colnaghi & Co. 1975, 210 x 295mm (8 1/4 x 11 5/8in)(average plate size); 545 x 465mm (21 1/2 x 18 1/4in)(each box) (71 in 2 folio boxes)
Comments The Liber Studiorum was published between 1807 and 1819, with 71 plates in 14 parts, each containing 5 etchings, with subjects divided into the following categories: Pastoral, Marine, Mountainous, Architectural, Historical and Elevated Pastoral. As the title suggests, it was conceived as a collection for study and learning, to be of particular use to other artists. In addition to this didactic purpose, there was doubtless a certain ambition by Turner to emulate the genius and success of Thomas Earlom's collection of mezzotints after Claude, the Liber Veritatis, which had been published in 1777 and was considered highly influential in the development of landscape art in Britain. The Liber Studiorum proved to be a success, admired by scholars and public alike for its technical and artistic virtuosity.The original intent was to have a total of 100 plates and it is unclear why the project was not completed. It has been suggested that after twelve years, Turner was losing interest in the project, having developed the mezzotint medium as far as he could and was taking up new commissions.W.G. Rawlinson described it as "a monumental work of art and that it will take rank with the highest productions of the greatest landscape painter which the world has yet seen". W.G.Rawlinson, Turner's Liber Studiorum: A Description and a Catalogue (London: Macmillan and Co., 1878).
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