Beatles: John Lennon Check

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Author Beatles: John Lennon

Beatles: John Lennon Check

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Description Rare Maclen (Music) Ltd. business check, 8 x 4, filled out in another hand and signed by Lennon, payable to Audiotek for £156-15-0, July 7, 1970. In fine condition, with punch and staple holes to top edge, a small red ink cancellation through a single letter of signature, and expected stamps. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from noted Beatles expert Frank Caiazzo. Lennon had left the Beatles the previous September and was working on his debut solo album, which would be released in late 1970. Lennon checks are quite uncommon, particularly those drawn from his publishing company, with this one boasting a signature almost 4.5? long.
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Sale Name Rare Manuscript, Document & Autograph - bidstart 12/19
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