Apollo 11 SP

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Apollo 11 SP

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Description Uninscribed color satin-finish 10 x 8 photo of the Apollo 11 crew posing in their space suits against a lunar background, signed in black felt tip by Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins and in black ballpoint by Buzz Aldrin. In fine condition, with image a bit on the dark side due to its being printed from a slide. The original owner had the image transferred in 1986 from a set of GAF Pana-vue educational slides entitled 'A Step Into the Universe,’ and printed on Fuji photo paper. Neil Armstrong's signature was acquired at his home in Lebanon, Ohio, June 1986 after his return from Washington following his involvement with the Rogers Commission Report, and the Collins and Aldrin signatures were procured through the mail that same year. Apollo 11 uninscribed photos represent one of the most coveted prizes of space autograph collecting.
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Sale Name Rare Manuscript, Document & Autograph - bidstart 12/19
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