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Biblio Offers Free Inventory Management/Uploading Software <i>BookHound</i>


The form for entering information about your books.

While we have given the software a cursory look, we would not attempt to provide a serious evaluation. Ultimately, for most booksellers, the critical test is how well the software interfaces with the various online sites they use and how easy it is to operate. However, a quick run through shows BookHound 7ce (community edition) to be a sophisticated program loaded with many features, more than most booksellers may ever need. It provides fields for details about your books, record keeping about your customers, invoicing, uploading to Amazon and other sites, and numerous other features necessary or useful to run an online or bricks and mortar store. Which program a bookseller chooses will likely be determined by personal preferences and functionality, but BookHound certainly looks to be a good option.

To download your free copy of BookHound 7ce, go to www.bookhound.net.

Click the thumbnail image to the left to see BookHound's book data entry page.

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