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Sendak’s Death Spurs Interest in His Works

3 sendak nyer profile 1966

The New Yorker ran a profile of Sendak by Nat Hentoff in 1966.

There’s also quite a bit of excellent reference material on line that is free. New Yorker subscribers can access the Jan 22, 1966 profile of Sendak by Nat Hentoff. archives.newyorker.com/?i=1966-01-22#folio=039

Or email me and I’ll send you a pdf of the Nov. 14, 1994 article: Maurice Sendak - A Bibliographical Odyssey by Christian Esquevin that appeared in the Antiquarian Bookman. wailukusue@gmail.com. Put SENDAK AB in the subject line

Other Links of Interest:

Maurice Sendak - NY Times obituary page 1, May 9, 2012


Fresh Air-NPR- Read their May 8th tribute to Sendak and hear four different appearances by the author - illustrator that aired over the years.


Maurice Sendak Collection at the Rosenbach Museum and Library



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