Latin American Books and Manuscripts from Libreria de Antano


Latin American Books and Manuscripts from Libreria de Antano

Item 85 is a later look at Peru, one written in English. The title is The Present State of Peru, by Joseph Skinner, published in 1805. This book provides a comprehensive overview of Peru at the time, including its natural history, geography, commerce, arts and literature. It also contains some missionaries' accounts of travels into the remote parts of the country. The book includes 20 hand-colored engravings of dress of various segments of Peruvian society, including upper-class ladies, domestics, Indians, and a bullfighter. $5,250.

Item 91 offers another look at a South American country in the English language: Travels in Brazil, by Henry Koster, published in 1816. Though his father was an English sugar merchant from Liverpool, Koster was born in Portugal. He lived in England, but due to poor health, decided to move to a warmer and drier climate. He moved to northern Brazil in 1809, and though he traveled back to England many times, he primarily lived in Brazil for the remainder of his life (Koster died in 1820). Though never intending to write about Brazil, Koster's friends encouraged him to do so, the result being this book which was well-received at the time. $7,500.

Item 81 is a circular from the King of Spain in Madrid to the bishops in America, Deseando el Rey ocurrir a los estragos... Printed in 1803, King Charles IV informs the bishops of the sending of a Sanitary Expedition whose purpose was to vaccinate children in America against smallpox. He requests the bishops' cooperation in distributing the vaccine. This humanitarian endeavor is remembered as the "Balmis Expedition" after its leader, Dr Francisco Javier de Balmis. $3,500.

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