&#147; Books from the Past&#148; <br>from Helen R. Kahn


&#147; Books from the Past&#148; <br>from Helen R. Kahn

Item 16 is a rare German edition of Bartolome de las Casas, Newe Welt…, printed in 1597. De las Casas was a remarkable man, a Spanish priest who accompanied voyages to the New World and devoted his life to defending the rights of native peoples. He has become known as the “protector of the Indians.” In a time when such rights were of little concern to most, de las Casas stands out as one of history’s great humanitarians. $8,500.

Item 45 is a Jesuit Relation (number 12), Relation de ce qui s’est passé en la Nouvelle France en l’Annee 1642 et 1643… The author of this Relation is Father Vimont. Among the events described by Vimont is the founding of Montreal, which he witnessed in 1642. $14,500. Also offered is Relation number 16. Item 43. $10,000.

Here’s one more travelogue: from Sir George Simpson, it’s a Narrative of a Journey Round the World, During the Years 1841 and 1842. Travel was not easy back then, but Simpson managed to travel on horseback across Canada to Vancouver, then up to Sitka, down to California, over to Hawaii, and finally across Siberia and Russia to St. Petersburg. This is described as an “excellent account.” Item 96. $675.

We will close with an original copy of the Treaty of Paris (1763) in French. This was the treaty which ended the French and Indian War, virtually terminating France’s role as a major power in the New World, while dividing most of North America between the British and the Spanish. Of course, neither would hold their power that much longer. Some rebellious colonists would see to that. Item 104. $9,750.

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