Churchill in Word and Image As Collected By Carolyn L. Smith


Churchill in Word and Image As Collected By Carolyn L. Smith

readers who will be in the New York area to see it if they have the chance. [For details on how to contact The Grolier Club, scroll to the bottom of this article.]

Part Two: Talking About The Grolier Club:

After Mrs. Smith toured me through the Churchilliana exhibit, we sat back down to talk for a little while about things Grolier.

AT: I’d like to start our discussion of The Grolier Club – about which we’ve written before in the pages of AE Monthly – by talking about your role as President. When were you elected, and what exactly does a Grolier Club President do?

CLS: I was elected in February 2002, on Valentine’s Day as a matter of fact. My term is a 4 year term. I have just started my second year. Now, you’d like to know what I do as President?

AT: Yes, for instance compared to Eric Holzenberg, who is Director.

CLS: Well, as Director Eric takes care of the day to day. As President, I try and engage the Grolier membership, nationally and internationally. For instance, book collectors do like to talk about books. We try and make possible get togethers at which they can do that: get together and talk about books.

I see my role as President as one of setting policy, raising money, overseeing our endowment and finances, and liaisoning with our Board Members.

AT: How many Board Members are there, and what sort of terms do they serve?

CLS: There are 21 Board Members. They are nominated for 3 year terms, for 3 terms maximum. It’s sort of a deliberately set “term limits” policy.

AT: I know that to be a member of The Grolier Club one must be nominated. Can you illuminate that process in any way for our readers, as I believe they’ll be interested in what to many is a process shrouded in mystery.

CLS: Certainly. To be a member of The Grolier Club one must be nominated by a member. You need 3 supporting members as well. The kinds of people nominated are book collectors, rare book librarians, rare book dealers, etc. Once nominated, you must meet with our Admissions Committee. We are looking for serious collectors who’d like to come in and join a fellowship of collectors.

AT: What are the club’s main missions or focal points at present?