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Latin America, Spain and Portugal from Libreria de Antano

One of Europe's most persecuted groups over many centuries has been the Roma People, or Gypsies. They have long been near the bottom of the economic ladder, and in typical fashion, have been regarded and treated as dishonest and as thieves by those of greater means. Like the Jews, they have lived as communities within other nations, and also like the Jews, have experienced much discrimination and persecution, hundreds of thousands being sent to death camps by the Nazis. Discrimination for the Gypsies is nothing new. Item 12 is two proclamations from the King of Portugal regarding the Gypsies. In one dated 1708, they are forbidden to wear their typical dress or speak their language, travel together on roads, buy or sell animals, etc. Punishment for violations is a whipping and ten years imprisonment for men, exile to Brazil for women. A second proclamation, from 1760, orders what Gypsy children in Brazil are to be taught, and that men are to be enlisted in the army and be made to work on public projects. $900.

Item 31 is a most attractive and interesting illustrated Brazilian botanical work, Botanische Ergebnisse der Reise seiner Majestat des Kaisers von Mexico, Maximilian I. Its author, Dr. Wawra, accompanied Prince Maximilian to Brazil in 1859-60, where he undertook this study. Its publication would be delayed until 1866, as Wawra would follow Maximilian to Mexico when the latter was installed as emperor. We presume that Wawra didn't hang around Mexico long after that, as Maximilian was overthrown and executed the following year. $6,800.

We started with one great, if controversial Spanish queen, we'll close with sort of another. She spoke Spanish, though she was Argentine, and she was never officially a queen, but she provoked more affection from her "subjects" than did her husband or anyone else. Of course this could only be "Evita," Eva Peron. Item 42 is a 1950 photographic portrait of Mrs. Peron, with an inscription to Antonio Nicoletti and those in the Administrative Office of the President, paying her respects. $2,700.

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