Signed Historic Documents from Stuart Lutz


Signed Historic Documents from Stuart Lutz

Hank Williams was probably the greatest country music artist ever. Among his still classic songs were Your Cheatin' Heart, Lovesick Blues, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Cold Cold Heart, Mind Your Own Business, Hey Good Lookin', Jambalaya, and Kaw-Liga. Amazingly, he accomplished all of this before the age of 30, Williams tragically dying from alcohol and who-knows-what abuse at the age of 29. Item 86 is the Hank Williams Country Music Folio, with music and lyrics to 20 of his songs, several photographs of him, with Williams' signature on one of the photos. $1,000.

Item 41 is a most sad historic document. It is a mourning card mailed after the death of John F. Kennedy, and sent by his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy. It is inscribed, "Dear Jimmy. My thanks to you for your thoughtful kind letter. Bob." The "Jimmy" was James Roosevelt, eldest son of Eleanor and Franklin, and at the time a U.S. congressman. $800.

Here is a document that will be of interest to collectors of women's rights, though the author was a male. Noah Davis was a New York Supreme Court judge who was greatly responsible for putting away the corrupt "Boss" Tweed of Tammany Hall. In the 1880s, New York was still debating whether to admit women to the practice of law. Davis left no uncertainty as to his position. He says, "As to natural capacity to learn and understand the elements of law, no sensible person will rank the female mind below the male. On the contrary, women's intuitive perception of right and wrong and of justice of things is as a rule quicker in operation and clearer in expression than a man's..." Well, maybe he didn't have to go quite that far! Davis goes on to conclude, "We have neither the legal nor moral right to exclude capable and intelligent women from the field..." Item 88. $400.

He was a newsman from another era, unafraid to report what he saw or speak the truth. Edward R. Murrow was the leading newsman of his day, still a legend 40 years after he died. Item 57 is a 1958 thank you note to one of his listeners for some comments that listener evidently sent him. It is signed "E.R. Murrow." $250.

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