New Arrivals at James Cummins Bookseller

- by Michael Stillman

New Arrivals at James Cummins Bookseller

Next is a book about another person who was quite small at the time of her greatest fame, though she grew to be regular size. Item 40 is Alice's Avonturen in het Wonderland, a Dutch edition circa 1912. Not much needs to be said about “Lewis Carroll's” classic. Everyone knows the premise. What makes this copy notable is that it is signed by Alice Hargreaves. She was the inspiration of Carroll's character of Alice when she was young. $2,250.

Item 45 is a book self-published by a man noted for things other than literary pursuits: Pablo Escobar Gaviria em Caricaturas 1983-1991, published in 1992. It is a compilation of political cartoons, photographs and drawings of Pablo Escobar, put together by Escobar himself while serving in a Colombian prison. Escobar was once the world's largest drug smuggler. He headed the Medellin cartel, which controlled most of the cocaine smuggling to America during the 1980s. At the peak of his power, the ruthless Escobar was reportedly worth several billion dollars. Hundreds of people were killed along the way to facilitate his rise. Eventually, the heat became too great and Escobar agreed to surrender. The terms of his deal enabled him to serve in a personal prison built to his specifications, a “prison” more often described as a luxury hotel. However, he was suspected of running his operations from prison, and to avoid a transfer to less desirable accommodations, he escaped. According to a family member, most copies of this book were burned after his escape. His freedom would not last all that long, Escobar being gunned down in a chase the following year. $5,000.

Here is a brochure for a beautiful building in New York to house your office: The City Investing Building Broadway-Cortlandt and Church Street. Francis H. Kimball, Architect...A Fireproof Office Building Ready for Occupancy April 1908. At 33 floors, it was one of New York's first skyscrapers and one of the largest buildings of its era. All good things come to an end, and in 1968, the City Investing Building, then just known by its address of 165 Broadway, was torn down to make way for One Liberty Plaza. At the time, it was the second tallest building ever to be demolished. Item 69. $1,000.

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