Travel and Naval Architecture from Bestebreurtje Rare Books

- by Michael Stillman


Travel and Naval Architecture from Bestebreurtje Rare Books

 Item 44 is a Dissertation on the Gipsies, Being an Historical Enquiry, Concerning the Manner of Life, Oeconomy, Customs and Conditions of these People in Europe, and their Origin. The author of this book, originally published in German in 1783 (offered is the first English edition of 1787) was Heinrich Grellmann. This book has been described as “the earliest scientific description of the gipsies.” Their origin was long a mystery to Europeans, but Grellmann established what had earlier been speculated on linguistic grounds, that the gypsies traced their beginnings to India. €495 (US $640).

Item 93 is a circa 1850 account (first published in 1840) of America's natives, Indian Wars of the United States, from the Discovery to the Present Time... The stated author is William V. Moore, but according to Sabin, it was actually John Frost. Sabin says unkindly of Mr. Frost, “This is the first work of its prolific author, if such a term can be applied to a notorious pilferer.” The book does provide an overview of America's pre-Civil War Indians, and contains seven hand-colored engravings. However, not even these escaped the critics' wrath, with Field exclaiming, “The clipped and scissored narratives, and the mixture of harsh, dark, unsightly woodcuts, with tawdry colored lithographs, would induce the editor, we could readily believe, to hide his name under any convenient synonym.” €225 (US $290).

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