A Wide Variety of Material Offered by Forest Books

- by Michael Stillman


A Wide Variety of Material Offered by Forest Books

Here is a book that could still be put to good use, though published around 1790: The Housekeeper's Valuable Present: or Lady's Closet Companion. Being a new and complete art of preparing Confects, according to Modern Practice. It will teach you how to make things such as jams, jellies, syrups, custards, marmalades, fruits in syrup and brandy, cordials, cakes and ice cream. These skills never go out of style. Author Robert Abbot picked up his knowledge as an apprentice at the Berkeley Square confectioners, and being in the employ of several noblemen, he felt it best to put his knowledge in a book, not having time to personally answer everyone's questions. Item 1. £1,100 (US $1,732).

For those who like water sports, summer and winter, there is The Swimmer's and Skater's Guide, Containing Rules, Founded on Experience, for Acquiring a Perfect Knowledge of those Agreeable, Healthful, and Invigorating Arts. For those who don't learn these lessons well, the title continues, Directions taken from the Proceedings of the Royal Humane Society, Instituted for the Recovery of Drowned Persons. This circa 1838 guide was an abridged translation of an earlier swimming book, with an addition concerning ice skating. Item 170. £275 (US $433).

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