This Month&#146;s New Catalogues:<br>Travels, Americana, and More

- by Michael Stillman


Item 228 from Oak Knoll, &#34;The Horn Book.&#34;

For those into frauds, there’s also The Works of Sitting Bull in the Original French and Latin… That should have set off more alarms. How would a Sioux chief be writing books in French and Latin? Obviously, people were rather gullible then, and fell for Robert Dunlap Clarke’s charade. Apparently Clarke also had him speaking German and Greek, and claimed he was a graduate of Oxford. $1,750.

Item 12 is an unusual one for followers of famed mystery writer Dashiell Hammett. Hammett is best known for the Thin Man and Sam Spade, but during the Second World War, he edited a newspaper for soldiers stationed in the Aleutian Islands (he was pushing 50-years of age at the time). The Battle of the Aleutians is a history of that battle he wrote and published in 1944. $185.

For those interested in building a collection of the Mexican revolution of 1910, your collection is already built. Item 386 consists of 127 titles concerning that revolution. $2,500. If you prefer something more peaceable, item 435 is the Constitution of the Society of the “United Germans” at Teutonia. Teutonia was a utopian colony of German emigrants to Ohio whose constitution was printed in 1827. $1,000.

Collectors of our shortest-lived president, William Henry Harrison, will know item 436, A Discourse on the Aborigines of the Valley of the Ohio… Harrison didn’t write much. This is the Cincinnati first edition of perhaps his most notable work. From 1838. $1,250.

For just $50, you can have the Railroad to Oregon. March 3, 1845… Of course there was no railroad to Oregon in 1845, but author Robert Dale Owen advocated the construction of a Pacific railroad. Item 455.

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Oak Knoll Books’ latest catalogue is a milestone: number 250. Oak Knoll has been selling books since 1976, and publishing them almost as long. Their specialty is “books about books.” They are the indispensable source for this type of material.

Catalogue 250 is culled from the finest items in their large stock. It is neatly broken down by category, such as bibliography, bookbinding, book collecting, design, illustration, history, forgeries, libraries, private presses and more.