Getting Down with MatchMaker: A Step by Step Guide

- by Thomas C. McKinney


Now we're at the Title Wants management pop-up window. In the upper right corner is a link to "Create Your Own Wants." See screenshot below.

The page for adding a Title want is relatively straightforward. You've got your standard fields: Author, Title, Place Printed, and Year Printed. The first thing on the page, however, is a field called "Category" and it contains a drop-down menu. This is for organizing your Title Wants when you have a lot of them! For beginners, there is one category, General. Screenshot below.

Reviewing Matches & Deleting

Once your wants are added, MatchMaker will search overnight (PST), and each night after, for matches to your wants. If you have matches, you will receive an email from AE letting you know. You can then view them either directly from your member control panel, or from the MatchMaker page itself. Below is what my control panel looks like, my matches shown near the bottom.

To manage your matches, you can view your results, and then individually select items for deletion. See screenshot below.

OR, You can delete an entire category of matches (i.e. Live Auctions, eBay Auctions, Abebooks, etc.) by going to your MatchMaker page and selecting the applicable, "Delete all" link. See screenshot below.


The last thing I want to touch on about MatchMaker is the ability to set preferences for each listing site that is searched. You can access these controls by clicking the link for "MatchMaker Preferences," shown below.

Now you're looking at the MatchMaker preferences. From here, you have the option of entirely disabling the search of specific listing sites, the option of opting in or out of receiving a notification email, among other things. See below for the entire shebang.

And that's MatchMaker, in its entirety.