Important News for Booksellers

- by Bruce E. McKinney

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By Bruce McKinney

On AE we work toward the integration of the various segments of book buying and selling into a single universe in which collectors and dealers can understand who has what, find each other easily and transact directly. This month we continue to tighten the links and smooth the connections. To accomplish this we have simpflied the creation of your identity file which can then be periodically updated to include your evolving show schedule and announce the issuance of new catalogues and bulletins. In this simple way you can keep the homefires burning and the lights on across the internet. The key is to be visible and we are making this easy.

For all members the keys to the kingdom are found within the My Account Status section on your AE Control Panel, the first page that comes up after signing in.

Behind the My Account Status link, in section 3 of 3, is another: Create a Listing .

Clicking on this link opens your bookseller's identity file. Complete the required fields. Submit.