A Celebration of Washington, Lincoln and the Presidents

- by Bruce E. McKinney


If this is Washington who is on the dollar?

By Bruce McKinney

The February issue of AE Monthly will include the second issue of The Bookseller's Comet. It will include printed material and objects offered by members pertaining to "A Celebration of Washington, Lincoln and the Presidents." The material may range widely all the way from the expected books, manuscripts, maps and ephemera to paintings, photography and objects.

Each member may upload 7 items for inclusion. Inclusion is a perogrative of premium membership. There are no commissions. Members are encouraged to provide interesting, well described material along with two images. The catalogue closes for publication on January 25th.

For collectors this is an opportunity to see a focused presentation of material that has been identified by dealers as interesting.

Emails containing links will be sent to all listing dealers on January 12th. An upload link will be posted on member home pages the same day.