Connecting with the Mind's Eye: Adventures in the Audio World

- by Renee Roberts


Title page from our reprint of the Timber Merchant's Guide.

We can, for example, do a print column in our local newspaper, a lecture at Sturgis library, and we are definitely planning a rare book exhibit of Washington-related material from our store to coincide with the radio event. All in all a win-win for the listening public, who may not be familiar with Washington's actual words, Sturgis Library, WCAI, Clock & Rose Press and Rose's Books.

We could also do a program in our local schools.

While our focus has been hugely on what is happening on the Internet, and using that medium to publicize books, I would encourage you to consider what else could happen within your community. As purveyors of the written word, I think it is our responsibility to encourage reading, listening, and civil discourse beyond the walls of our store, virtual or otherwise. And your local public radio station is a great place to start.

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