The AE Bookseller's Comet: Holidays Ideas on Paper

- by Bruce E. McKinney


They arrive occasionally and make a big impression.

By Bruce McKinney

The magic of the printed word is on display this holiday season in the personal selections of a group of our Books for Sale listing members. These are their ideas of what is interesting, compelling and particularly worthwhile. They own between themselves hundreds of thousands of volumes. In this presentation they suggest one hundred.

We present this material in a form we expect to continue to use so we are giving it a name. We call it The AE Bookseller's Comet because it will appear from time to time. It will provide a focus and catalyst for combining selections of the printed word and image with events, subjects, types of publication, price range and certainly other parameters yet unnamed or considered. Listing members may freely participate subject only to the constraints of subject and whatever rules develop.

In this, the first effort, there is material of virtually every type but the common denominator is personal appreciation. Every person involved with books has volumes they value above all others, not necessarily because they command high prices. It can be a signed copy, a precious copy, a rare copy or simply any copy of a book that has made a difference. After all, all books and all copies of them are not the same. If you don't believe it consider the range of material that emerges here from a request to listing members for their thoughts and ideas. Even a comet does not range as far.

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Best wishes for the holidays!