Reaching AE and the AED by Cell Phone

- by Thomas C. McKinney


An example results page from a search in AED

First type in a keyword (for any kind of search), and then below "Search in:", you will find a dropdown menu which is by default set to "Live Auctions." This menu has the three options of Live Auctions, Books for Sale, and AE Database.

Throughout the site, you will find at the top of each page a path of where you are. For instance, after doing a search in Live Auction, you will see: "Search Home->Auction Search." This works in effect like a back button. Clicking "Search Home" will bring you back to the homepage where you may continue with your searches.

Searching AE Database

Searching the AE Database will result in a page of results (given there are results) similar to the results pages for searches in Live Auctions and Books for Sale. The first link for a record is for the record's bibliographic source, which will take you an information page for the source. The second link, "Details," will take you to a detailed record.

Searching Live Auctions

After inputting a term, and searching in Live Auctions, a results page will load. Assuming there is at least one result for your search, listings will be displayed. The first link for any given lot is the name of the auction the lot belongs to. Clicking this link will take you to that auction for browsing. The second link is "Lot Details." This link will take you to a detailed record of the lot.

Searching Books for Sale

Searching in Books for Sale is essentially the exact same experience as searching in Live Auctions except that the "Details" link is the only one for each result. Clicking "Details" will show you the description, price and contact information for the seller. From there, if you're interested in the item, "Click here to purchase or inquire about this book" will allow you to take further action.

The Future

As of now, the features made live this September are essentially the first step in what will probably become a more complete mobile site. Based on customer demand, other features from the regular site can be added, and, as mobile technology improves, it will become easier and easier for full websites to be accessed wirelessly. We're stepping into new territory, and we want this to be as simple and painless as possible. With that in mind, we realize members will have questions. Cell phones can be confusing and web access is a relatively new phenomena. As you have questions, email us at If you are ambitious enough to try this you'll have our complete support.