Thirteen Lucky Catalogues Reviewed in Section Two


Thirteen new catalogues are reviewed in Section Two.

There are thirteen bookseller catalogues reviewed in this month's issue of AE Monthly. Travels and voyages are featured in catalogues from American, French and Dutch sellers, William Reese, Librairie Thomas-Scheler, and Gert Jan Bestebreurtje. The Australian shop Hordern House also offers travel works along with maps and Australiana. Libreria de Antano focuses on Mexican and Latin American works, while Maggie Lambeth features Texas and ranching. Novels and poetry are offered by the Brick Row Book Shop; items associated with celebrities are offered by James Pepper. The Lawbook Exchange has accounts of some infamous legal cases along with many more technical legal tracts. The Arader Galleries has some beautiful framed color plates and maps, Bauman Rare Books a collection of exceptional items, the Antiquariaat Forum material brought to the recent California Book Fair, and Wessel and Lieberman offer works from the private press of Rollin Milroy.

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