Seventeen Catalogues Reviewed in Section Two


Seventeen new catalogues are reviewed in Section Two.

Seventeen new booksellers' catalogues are offered for your consideration in Section Two of February's AE Monthly. Aquila Books covers the polar regions, while Helen Kahn moves slightly south to Canada and the northern U.S. Still farther south is Texana from Maggie Lambeth. DeHartingtonand Weiss offer the unspeakable, onanism, in a catalogue already sold out. David Schulson has European and American autographs and manuscripts, while Joe Rubinfine offers the same from the American Revolution. The Arader Galleries offer maps from the same, and slightly earlier, periods. Johns' Western Gallery has western books and ephemera on sale, the 19th Century Shop discovers some forgotten gems in their attic, while Bauman Rare Books has some great gift ideas. Kaaterskill Books presents some unusual early Americana; Patrick King offers the same for England (some with American connections). Aleph-Bet has a new selection of children's books, James Pepper Rare Books features celebrities and writers, Oak Knoll offers fine press books. Wessel and Lieberman weigh in with a bit of everything, while Librairie Thomas-Scheler offers a range of books from Europe. You may see all of these reviews by following this link: