13 New Catalogues Reviewed In Section Two

Thirteen new catalogues are reviewed.

This month there are a lucky thirteen new bookseller catalogues reviewed in Section Two of AE Monthly. Aleph-Bet Books has almost 600 wonderful children's books waiting for the adult-child in you. Chapel Hill Rare Books offers a large selection of Confederate works from the Civil War, while David Lesser has more general, but unusual and uncommon 18th and 19th century Americana. Speaking of hard to find, Oak Knoll has a collection of short runs and limited editions, while Lion Heart Autographs has a catalogue of one-of-a-kind autographed items. William Reese offers early American legal thought, James Jaffe covers literature, poetry, art and photography, Charles Wood has material culture and English country estates, while Libreria de Antano is focused on Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Helen Kahn covers a lot of ground in ?he Ways of the World ?16th-20th centuries," as does Forest Books with its ?iscellany 2," and Antiquariaat Forum with a selection taken to the recent New York Antiquarian Book Fair. And then, there is Ian Brabner with a catalogue of strange but fascinating works. You may read all of these reviews in Section Two. Click here.