Bookseller Catalogues Reviewed In Section Two

Seven new catalogues are reviewed in September's AE Monthly.

This month we have seven catalogue reviews in AE Monthly's Section Two. Extensive, though diverse collections of books will be found in catalogues from Martayan Lan and Bauman Rare Books. Just about anything can show up here, but the material is always top notch. William Reese offers almost 800 items in the field of literature, while Between The Covers offers a collection of primarily literary firsts from the collection of the late Paul Keller. From David Lesser we have a catalogue of items pertaining to the South, Civil War, slavery, Afro-Americana, and similar works. James Cummins offers a collection of inscribed books, with autographs coming from great writers, political leaders, and others. Finally, Gene Baade has a new group of books available pertaining to the American West. It's an intriguing group of catalogues, and we're sure you will find something to fill your collecting ambitions. These latest catalogues are all here in Section Two.