Fourteen Catalogues Reviewed in Section 2

Fourteen new catalogues are up for review in Section 2.

Fourteen new catalogues are reviewed in Section Two this month. There must be something for every collector. There is Americana from David Lesser and Michael Brown. There are travels and voyages from Bernard Shapero Rare Books and Reg & Philip Remington, plus Part II of the great Parsons' Pacific Voyage collection offered by Hordern House. This is a magnificent catalogue. Martayan Lan has many of the maps that arose from these voyages. William Reese presents a series of fascinating broadsides while Stuart Lutz has autographed documents. From the continent, Comellas and Rodolphe Chamonal have books primarily in French (though many touch on the Americas), while Dutch bookseller Gert Jan Bestebreurtje offers books about 19th century Asia. From Charles Wood, we have pre-1800 books on art, architecture and the like. Bauman Rare Books presents top tier material, while the Arthur Clark Company publishes their last catalogue from Washington State. The venerable, century-old bookseller is moving to Oklahoma.

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