COLLECTING INSIGHTS – Registration Open for Summer 2024 Sessions

- by Spencer Stuart, Guest Writer

Spencer W. Stuart

COLLECTING INSIGHTS – Registration Open for Summer 2024 Sessions




Starting in June 2024, experienced Collections Advisor and author of Contemporary Issues in Rare Book & Manuscript Collecting, Spencer W Stuart will facilitate monthly, three-part webinars for Collectors at three major points:


*All sessions start at 4PM [GMT] / 11AM [ET] / 8AM [PT]


• EMERGING (1 – 5 years):


07/10 – What is collecting?

08/07 – Implementing a strategy

09/11 – Cataloguing & collection care


• EXPANDING (5 – 20 years):


07/17 – Defining scope & scale

08/15 – On auctions & trade

09/18 – New collecting focuses


• LEGACY (20 years +):


07/24 – Planning a collection’s future

08/21 – Where & how to sell

09/25 – Placing a collection in an Institution




* An institutional subscription and will grant access to all three programs (9 sessions) above for Society or Faculty members as well as five (5) copies of Contemporary Issues.


Through these hour-long sessions, participants will examine case studies relevant to acquiring as well as deaccessioning one’s collection.


After this three-part program, no matter where one is in their collecting, participants will emerge with a holistic approach that better positions them for the transformations underway in the Collecting ecosystem.


All registrants will receive a copy of Contemporary Issues In Rare Book & Manuscript Collecting:




“Collecting Insights has been invaluable to me at this stage of my collecting.  Spencer provides an unbiased and studied overview of options for the management of my collection which would not be feasible for me to get on my own.  The recommendations for preparing for the eventual disposition have been very helpful. I have benefited from his alerting me to resources available for me to utilize on my own as well.”

Craig V. Showalter

Private Collector



Each session of Collecting Insights has been invaluable for me as an "expanding collector." Not only have I learned more about various aspects of the rare book trade, such as auctions and changing trends within the industry, but I have also been inspired to do so much more with my collection, like setting up a website. Ideas like these will surely come in handy as my collection grows and I look towards its future. I'm so grateful to have had the chance to learn from Spencer in these sessions.”

Stacy Shirk

Private Collector



If you have any further questions regarding course content or appropriate webinar registration, please contact Spencer directly at either 604 363 1012 or