A new tool for the book field

- by Bruce E. McKinney


AE Keywords lists frequently used terms

These lists will almost always need editing because some terms that frequently appear will be too vague or inappropriate to attract the correct audience. These term lists are after all an entirely synthetic construction that simply finds recurring terms and ranks them in descending order. This software does not judge their appropriateness. The assumption however is a majority of terms will be useful so on the results page the selection option deletes terms.

Using this keyword list is easy. You can simply use it for reference while working on your listing description. Buyers can open a second browser and connect to a listing site to run searches using these keywords. On Abe place 3 or 4 terms together in the keyword box to test what materials may contain all of these terms. You can run multiple keyword searches on eBay as well but be sure to select the Title and Description box to see deep into the listings. It is very effective if somewhat counter-intuitive.

Often you will work directly from the screen but you also have several more options. Click VIEW to see them: [1] Get HTML Code to create a document that can be placed in web listings and [2] Email to me a reference copy. To facilitate the use of this information on listing sites a further option beneath the text box to Highlight/Copy Text is provided. Once selected the full text of the box can be added to online listings as a coded document. The operative word here is PRESTO!

This is simply version 1.0, a step to integrate database information into the buy/sell dynamic. If you are a database member please put this tool through its paces. If you are not yet a member sign up for a week, month or year and begin to use the array of AE tools to build your descriptions, collections and sales.

The futures of both book selling and book collecting are bound up in increasing efficiencies that bring these communities together. This software is a step to vacilitate this trend.