Rare Book Hub: New Services and New Pricing

- by Bruce E. McKinney


Clarity in a flash

Rare Book Hub, née Americana Exchange has been a two decade project organized around the idea to building a bridge to the new collector.  In the 1990’s my collecting ambitions were being limited by lack of market information, and the outcome was our commitment to build a worldwide database of auction records.  Knowledge would empower collectors.  It started as a modest project and has turned out larger than we envisioned.  On day 1 on September 3rd, 2002 we launched with 151,400 records that has since become Rare Book Hub’s Transactions+, providing 12,609,268 records as of 12/29/22.  Started as a modest project it has become a long term commitment to provide clarity for collectible paper for libraries, collectors, dealers, auction houses and appraisers.


Scale involves costs and we have today increased our subscription and services prices to reflect today’s 12,000,000 searchable records:


Annual Pricing

Single User: $525

Two Users: $800

Five Users: $1,250

Institution-wide Access: $3,000


As well we have recently added a new service called Batch Valuation that enables members to submit catalogues or collections for matching to Transactions+. Collections of unlimited size can be matched and valued, generally within a day or two, up to a week for very large collections.


Annual memberships include free trials to use Batch Valuation, to be used during their current membership year.


We are also providing 10 day and 30 day Visitor memberships:


10 Days:  $65


30 Days $95


You can view a brief (two-minute) video about Transactions + at this link: https://vimeo.com/77127415


Contact us with questions or for more information at hello@rarebookhub.com, at 877.323.7273 or 415.823.6678. We will arrange Zoom sessions for those interested in a demonstration or a more detailed description.


Our best wishes for the New  Year!


Bruce Evan McKinney

Managing Partner

Rare Book Hub / AE