12 Million is just a number but it’s a big one

- by Bruce E. McKinney


Perspective with a single click!

Recently Transactions+ reached twelve million full text records.


Or said another way, it’s now the equivalent of 1,142 copies of Howes’ Usiana’s 10,501 records, the first rare book reference I started with in the 1950’s.  I loved that thing, in time wearing the spine to a nub.  Imagine how exciting it was to have had that volume under my arm when I browsed house sales and auctions. 


These days, using your phone, you can run searches in Transactions+ covering appearances and outcomes at auction going back to the 1850’s.  Those who remember the past tend to think of the past as the good old days.  But, from the perspective of research, Rare Book Hub’s Transactions+ has become the new frontier.