Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow

- by Bruce E. McKinney


Wishing you the best!!!

For Rare Book Hub, 2021 was a complex year by every measure.  The volume of auctions and number of lots posted substantially increased.  As well, the percentage of lots sold rose as the median dollar value also took a jump.  Net-net, collectible paper was a very strong category as consignors lined up, auction houses adjusted, and bidders and buyers stepped in.


As to the first major report encapsulating the full year, this month’s lead story, the annual top 500 lots, tells us who the big winners were.


In February Mike Stillman will provide detailed analysis for the full year.  From what I can tell, 2021 may well appear to have been a once-in-a-century experience.  But given the positive trends the field has been experiencing over the past five years there’s no conclusive reason to suggest collectible paper will slow down any time soon.


To all who have shared the experience we offer congratulations and our thanks.


Bruce McKinney

Managing Partner

Rare Book Hub