Scale Matters: Rare Book Hub Pricing

- by Bruce E. McKinney


We have long felt our primary database, these days called Transactions+, will become the cornerstone that future dealers, institutions, and collectors will rely on to get past the many roadblocks to quick and certain knowledge about collectible book and paper history. 


Only recently we reached the goal we set 3 years ago to provide ten million records.  In line with this level of service we are now raising our subscription rates effective 25 September, 2020.


Research:  $425

Octavo:  $575

Folio:  $825


Visitor 10 Days:  $50

Visitor 30 Days:  $75


Any subscriptions paid by the year before 24 September 2020 can be paid at current rates for up to 2 years.


As well, this month we are recasting the plan to build T+ out to 12 million records with increasing images while simultaneously providing fraction of a second responsiveness.  This next project should take about 2 years.


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Bruce McKinney

Managing Partner