Collecting has its Moments

- by Bruce E. McKinney


Some very original material.

I didn't however win or buy everything that was appealing. On May 12th at Swann's I bid on a letter from President Harry Truman to Eleanor Roosevelt in which he discussed New Paltz [the Teachers College]. It was estimated $600 to $900. I underbid it at $1,500. [Lot 213, Sale 2043].

I found the eBay items using the daily keyword searches for my selected terms that are part of MatchMaker. "Matchmaker" is a service offered by AE that allows you to do automated daily searches on eBay, ABE , ILAB and all upcoming book, manuscript and ephemera auctions worldwide in AE. These automated searches look for items and subjects of interest, so you never miss the obscure or bargain priced items that show up and quickly disappear from these sites.

This is an exceptional way to build a collection. Even when you don't win an item you get an education.