The Pasadena Shadow Fair

- by Bruce E. McKinney


The Shadow Fair at Pasadena was busy!

At the ABAA’s annual west coast Fair on Saturday 8 February this year we also had the symbiotic Shadow Fair at the Pasadena Masonic Temple just a few steps away from the Pasadena Convention Center and it was very appealing to see a motivated crowd lined up at its 8:00 am opening.  The space both for the booths and tire kickers was limited but the audience was fiercely committed and by all reports very happy.


As one of the motivated visitors the crowd of visitors literally had to stand toe to toe trying to slide sideward to fit into the booths to examine the many collectible forms that were hanging on walls, displayed in cases, and browsed into bins of ephemera.


It was exciting to see so many motivated browsers and buyers.


For the 54th California Fair at Pasadena in 2022 I would expect this shadow show could double in size with more scheduled hours.  The crowd was robust.