10 New Catalogues Reviewed for July

- by Michael Stillman


10 new catalogues.

This month we review 10 new booksellers' catalogues. Shapero Rare Books offers "the world on stone," that is, lithography. The 19th Century Rare Book and Photograph Shop presents a collection of "photographic treasures."


Patrick McGahern Books offers the John Bockstoce Arctic Library. Langdon Manor Books has a collection of African Americana, including numerous archives. Old West Books, naturally, features the early American West. Lorne Bair Rare Books focuses on radical literature and ephemeral items.


Samuel Gedge Ltd. has a selection of old and unusual books, manuscripts and ephemera. Erasmushaus offers a diverse selection of early books. John Windle Bookseller presents 25 high spots in collecting. Raptis Rare Books focuses on the very best in collectible books.


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