A Few of My Favorite Things

- by Renee Roberts



If you get nervous about shipping uninsured packages overseas (and who doesn't), check out U-PIC (www.u-pic.com). They insure packages virtually everywhere (and believe me, if they won't insure them, you don't want to ship them!) except to places that have an abysmal delivery completion rate or are infamous for their fraudulent orders.

My all-time favorite technology picks are my Dymo LabelWriter 330 combined with Envelope Manager software and my subscription to Endicia services (www.endicia.com). Check out the "Dymo bundle" and do yourself a favor -- pick the ES2200 20 lb. postal scale. With these items I can buy postage and create my own endicia (stick-on dated postage) and address labels, automatically track delivery confirmation numbers and create, again automatically, email confirmation letters to customers with all their salient information. Not only is the technology just great, but the personal support from the company is outstanding.