At Dirk Soulis: The Harry Ruskin Sale

- by Bruce E. McKinney


A compelling auction

On November 24th Dirk Soulis of 529 W. Lone Jack, Lone Jack, Missouri will complete a three week on online auction of antiquarian books, cased Limited Editions and Folio Society volumes, a large collection of Taschen art, erotica, and photography, early 20th C. pencil signed American prints, late 20th C. signed posters by R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Gary Larson and their contemporaries, and underground comics and art. 

In the blurred line between printed books and printed images this sale comes down on the side of printed images and provides opportunities for younger collectors to build their collections.

The timing of the sale is complicated.  The best collectable material around the world is up for bid in November.   Prices in these sales will run from a few hundred to more than a million dollars.  In this sale $10 to $50 dollars will buy you quite a lot.

In any event, be it as bystander, voyeur or bidder this is a sale well-worth exploring.


Contact information 

Dirk Soulis Auctions
P. O. Box 17
Lone Jack, Missouri 64070

Here's a link to the sale: Click for Sale

The Website: