10 New Catalogues Reviewed This Month

- by Michael Stillman


10 catalogues are reviewed.

This month we review ten new bookseller catalogues. Several are designed for travelers. The George S. MacManus Company and the William Reese Company offer catalogues that feature travel and exploration. Hordern House has a catalogue of early works on the west coast of Australia, which recount ancient voyages to a land still virtually unknown. Yesterday's Muse Books focuses on the coldest of journeys, voyages deep into the polar regions.


Speaking of cold, Brian Cassidy Bookseller presents a catalogue of 50 “cool things.” “Cool” is used in a sense different from meteorology here. Staying with the number 50, Peter Harrington offers 50 exceptional items in their 100th catalogue. Shapero Rare Books has selections in natural history that double as art. Forest Books focuses on the book arts. David Lesser Fine Antiquarian Books features rare Americana, while John Windle Antiquarian Bookseller presents important signed and inscribed works.


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