Ten Catalogues Reviewed This Month

- by Michael Stillman


Ten new catalogues.

This month we have 10 new catalogues up for review. Whitmore Rare Books presents a catalogue of exceptional literature. Antiquates Fine & Rare Books offers works from British authors and collectors. Back of Beyond Books features literary fiction with an orientation to their home in the American Southwest. Johns' Western Gallery focuses on fine and artistic western Americana.


The William Reese Company features American travel and exploration. Travelers need maps, and Martayan Lan has lots of them in their selection of important atlases (directions may be somewhat out of date). Samuel Gedge Rare Books offers some very old books and ephemera. The Raab Collection has documents written by people we all know well. John Windle Bookseller has autograph manuscripts from a major collection. The Veatchs Arts of the Book feature books that double as works of art.


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