The Ever Changing Online Marketplace

- by Carl Burnham



On eBay, one promising change for sellers who have eBay stores is the move by eBay to make stores more findable. When a search of listings is made, if 10 or fewer items are displayed, store items will now also be shown in the results. For Amazon, marketplace and zshop items are a part of search results listed, although recently Amazon has changed the zshop results to only show an item as being a zshop and not having the title listed. We are also starting to sell in other book listing channels, experimenting with which ones perform the best.

The Internet is ever changing, and rare booksellers and collectibles dealers need to be agile in marketing their valuable collections wisely. By being aware of market trends, and continually seeking ways to enable more direct interaction with buyers for potential follow-up sales through sites such as the Americana Exchange, online forums, and your own website, sellers will be more knowledgeable in providing the types of items and value-added services buyers are seeking.

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