Two New Catalogues Reviewed for the End of Summer

- by Michael Stillman


New catalogues from Peter Harrington and John Windle.

The dog days of summer are obviously not the best of times for mailing new catalogues. Everyone is holding on to the last days of summer, enjoying their final vacations, before the fall onslaught of heavy work schedules, returning to school, and even preparing for the oncoming holiday season, which arrives earlier each year. Soon enough, the mailman will be bringing catalogues to our door, thankful that someone still appreciates their old technology delivery service. During August, however, only two book catalogues made their way to us. Fortunately, they were two good catalogues. One is another of those special presentations from Peter Harrington of London. Harrington catalogues usually have something for everyone, so no one needs feel left out. The other is a selection of fine and unusual bindings from John Windle Antiquarian Booksellers. These are books as works of art.


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